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Beach Towels

beach towel


Going to the beach has been one of the fun activities of any family during summer. Various fun and exciting activities are done, especially if the combination of sun and beach is involved. Splashing on the beach, spending some time under the sun, and absorbing all the vitamin D are truly some of the highlights during the summer solstice.

One of the essentials during the beach fun is, of course, the beach towel. It protects our skin from the prickling sensation of the sun or the sand. But towels are not used for those purposes only. We also use beach towels to dry ourselves after a meaningful swim and splash in the water.

Choose your beach towels with great care. You should never sacrifice quality over price. Whatever you do, you must always go for beach towels that will offer maximum comfort upon use. Investing in an excellent and quality beach towel will ensure you fun, relaxation, and satisfactory experience at the beach.

If you want the best experience at the beach, why would you invest in something that is not cost-effective? Low cost and quality beach towels can cost you more. Why? Imagine always buying a new one due to durability problems. It may be cheap at first glance, but it'll cost you more in the long run.

If you want something that is guaranteed quality and durability, then you should invest in something that is out of the ordinary. Buy something that is on another level, and nothing compared to the commercially sold beach towels.

But if you don't know where to start, then have no fear, for I will be your guide in buying the superior quality beach towels for you and your family. Read on and discover everything about eminent beach towels.

First Things First

Beach towels are textile accessories that fulfill specific functions: absorb water, serve as a layer on the sand and shelter. What differentiates them from other towels is their size, usually larger, and their infinite designs.

They are mainly classified by the material in which they are made: this can range from the traditional cotton, the current microfiber, and the popular polyester. However, there are more avant-garde options, such as bamboo fabric and Turkish cotton.

Before buying a beach towel, you must take into account some factors on which its success will depend: how often will you use it? Would you like to use it for a picnic on the beach? What size should it be?

List of beach towels

Come and discover the best models of beach towels on the market. Find the most suitable product for you based on your needs.


The beach towels microfiber is an option that should be considered during the summer, for the beach, and the pool. Its main feature is its fast drying and so make it ideal for beach and pool in addition to the can also use for your bath or shower.

Turkish Towels

Turkish towels–sometimes called Peshtemal, Hammam or Fouta towels–are made from Turkish Cotton, a premium cotton that has extra long fibers. Turkish beach towels are made of supersoft, lightweight Turkish cotton, and usually have knotted fringe trim, And they're ultra-absorbent, making them perfect for the beach or pool.

Custom Towels

The beach towels custom is an essential item when we go to the beach or pool. With the passage of time, this has become more than just to dry ourselves off and remove the sand. Everyone carries a towel that they like for its design, text or name, or originality.

Bulk Towels

This is great for large families or for having friends and neighbors over for a swim at your pool, and you won it have to worry about anyone not having a towel. Really, having plenty of beach towels in your home can help you guarantee that you're prepared for your next beach vacation.


If you want a distinctive beach towel, And it is a personal identity like no other, You should choose a monogram beach towel.


If a single beach towel is not enough for you and you want to lie down and sunbathe with the whole family or friends, there are extra-large beach towels, perfect for sharing moments of relaxation with whoever you want.

Kids Beach Towels

Are you looking for a kid's beach towel? Children often love colorful prints, which results in a very colorful collection of children's beach towels.

Towel Clips

Protect your beach towels on windy days, with clips for beach towels. There are many colors for you to choose from. Let you really enjoy your vacation at the beach.

How to Choose the Right Beach Towel?

Now, if you want to buy the right and quality beach towel, you should duly follow these conditions. Here are the factors or conditions you should consider if you're looking to purchase superior quality beach towels.

Just the Right Size

You should buy beach towels that are just the right size. Don't buy something small, no too large for your body. You need to be able to use a beach towel that will be comforting for your body. Make it paramount that the size should be right. If it's too small, then you will be sacrificing comfort for your body. And if it's too large, it will be harder for you to carry out down the beach. You can buy big, but don't go way overboard and buy something which fits the whole family. It will sacrifice the convenience of mobility.


The most used and best material is cotton for being durable and absorbing water while it can be searched quickly. Other materials used are microfiber, which is thinner than usual cotton, and polyester or nylon, excellent at absorbing water. The material you choose depends on your tastes.

Absorbent and Quick-dry

Key features that should be considered for a beach towel is the porous and quick-dry quality. You should go with something that absorbs water from your water quickly, and at the same time, takes a short time to dry off. It is essential that we have the ability to dry quickly to keep dry all the time. So choosing a model that soaks up water while dry quickly is ideal, but it shouldn't be too light and could break after a few washes.

Brightly Colored Dyed Fabric

If you don't want to spare more effort into cleaning your beach towels due to stain, then buy brightly colored ones. Don't go with light-colored and simple looking ones, it may be prone to stain, and it's. Go for bright-colored beach towels that are fun and may even resemble your personality. But you should opt with dyed-fabric for color longevity. Or if you want a more fun beach towel, go for dyed fabric that has a lot of patterns. Undoubtedly, your beach towel will be a head-turner amongst the beachgoers.


Other from being absorbent and quick-dry, you should also look for beach towels with sand resistance. Buy beach towels that will not absorb any sand as it can also potentially cause damage to itself. Plus, you wouldn't be carrying sand into your home. Think of how much vacuuming energy you can save.

Investing in a quality beach towel is a definite must-do. Don't settle with something that is not even of high quality. You should consider a few things before you buy one for you and your family. If you don't want to sacrifice satisfaction and fun on the beach, then do the right thing. Buy superior quality beach towels. You can use the information above as your guide in buying one. Follow them, and you're on your way to having fun at the beach.


It is logical to think that the thicker it is, the more comfortable it will be, but this is not always the case, you can have a thick towel that is more or a thin towel that is soft. Depending on the place and use you are going to give it, choose a fluffy or a thin one, although the thicker and fluffier take up more space. To determine how thick it should be, you will need to determine its use.


They come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Rectangular ones are the most popular, but you should consider a white or striped towel found stains or dirt faster than a shade darker, and a black or dark towel will heat up faster. All of these factors can determine the perfect color for you.

How to use a Beach Towel?

Everyone has their own way of using this product, but if you want another perspective of use, we will leave you a list of steps to follow.


When it is new, you have to wash it first before going to enjoy the beach, follow the manufacturer's recommendations.


Put it to dry in a dry place and, if possible sunny.


When it's finally dry, pack it in your beach bag.


Once on the beach, use the beach as you want. After all, that is what you take it for.


It is important that you shake well to remove any sand residue.

Wash again

Always after you arrive from the beach, wash it to remove any sand and dirt that may have collected.

Beach Towel Benefits

There is a different feeling of using beach towels than using conventional types of towels. To give you an idea, here are the benefits of buying and using quality beach towels.


When it comes to comfort, beach towels can easily top other kinds. With multipurpose features, this is a definite must-have for you if you're ever going to the beach. If you want to relax but don't have any beach chaises, then you can use beach towels. Lay this essential unto the sand, and you have an instant bed, where you can relax or even sleep.

Drying Off

One of the significant reasons why a beach towel should be brought is to dry off. Simple, if you just got out of the water and want to dry, what would you use? Of course, it would be your beach towel. Beach towels have features such as quick-dry, making an essential for sun and sand fun.

Improvised Cover

Anyone wants some cover under the pricking heat of the sun. If you don't have an umbrella, you can improvise and use your beach towel as your body protection from the sun. With the sufficient length and width of the beach towel, it can surely cover your head down to your body.

The above stated are some of the benefits which the beach towels can and only bring you. These reasons make beach towels an excellent investment for you and your family.


Now that towels have expanded their uses in every home in the world, it is important to know which ones are appropriate for each person. Currently, there is a long classification that goes from cotton towels, through Egyptian cotton, linen, reaching the very new microfiber.

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account some points to determine the appropriate towel for each person according to their lifestyle and needs, and specifically the appropriate one to use during long days at the beach or pool:

First of all, it should be taken into account that for those days at the beach we decided to lie down on the sand to sunbathe; A large towel is essential for this since this way we avoid the discomfort of the grains of sand on our skin, and we ensure greater comfort.

On those days at the beach or pool it is also necessary for each person to have their own towel for personal use; That is to say, this piece should not be shared with anyone since it is a very easy one or germs, and by the way, each person has a different size, and yours must correspond to that.

After this, you must study the type of fabrics you want for the towel; Currently, there are various materials on the market with which these pieces are made, and you can find towels made with cotton threads and other synthetic ones that can be made with terry cloth.

Due to the large supply of towels on the market, it is very likely that prices will vary from place to place; therefore, you have to take the time to choose the perfect towel that fits your budget and needs.

To go to the beach, we always want to be fashionable and in tune with the tropical summer climate. In this way, the design and color of the towel must respond to these elements according to what you like; this way, you are much more likely to feel completely comfortable and in tune with the situation. Also, you should know that if you use white, your towel is much more likely to get dirty faster, and you are not at home to put it in bleach and regain that natural brilliance it possesses. Go for dark colors. The pastel shades Leave them for bath towels.

Choose, if possible, towels with extra accessories such as pockets or small handles on the sides, since these small elements can be very functional when transporting things or simply using them. For example, if you don't want to carry so many things for your day at the beach or pool, just putting the sunscreen in one of the towel pockets solves the problem.


Choosing the towel should respond to the primary needs of those days: absorption, lightness, storage capacity. These three elements are very important to cover since when we go to the beach or pool, we need the practicality of a light towel together with an unmatched absorption capacity but that does not neglect the softness of its fabric; For these cases, the ideal will be a microfiber towel that meets all these parameters.

But, if you are one of the classic people, you will opt for cotton towels, whatever their size; In general, these are a bit heavier, take up more space, and do not have the same drying speed after being used, but something if they have an unmatched softness and padding that ensures that comfort will accompany you during all those days in the water.

As you can see, choosing the right towel for the beach or pool does not represent a major problem as long as you have the relevant advice to choose it according to the needs of each person. The towels must be perfect, made to measure, since they are for personal use and must be arranged to optimally fulfill their absorption functions during those summer days.