Soft beach towels

To have softer towels, it is essential to air them well when drying them and not to use too many chemicals, as they tend to damage the fibers.

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Time ruins all fabrics, but especially that of towels, as they are constantly subjected to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. For this reason, after some time, we begin to notice a certain roughness; this will continue to increase if we do not take some remedies to make the towels softer.

In this article, we reveal 5 tricks to get softer beach towels.

Why is it difficult to have softer towels?

Water is made up of minerals that adhere to tissues

Due to this, after some time, the towels are not as good quality as they were in the beginning and can even scrape the skin if something is not done to prevent it.

Softeners contain lubricants and silicone

These two substances form a layer that prevents the correct absorption of water. Although it seems paradoxical, what is initially useful for keeping towels softer, in the long run, triggers the opposite effect.

We don’t oxygenate the towels enough

If you dry towels and other clothes in the open air, beat them every now and then so that air can enter the fibers.

5 Tricks to make towels softer

1. Use lemon and vinegar before putting them in the washing machine

Before starting the usual washing cycle, try a pre-wash with cold water by adding a drop of lemon and a drop of vinegar. The properties of these two ingredients will help you have much softer towels.

Do not be afraid of strong odors, as after this pre-wash, you will still put the towels in the washing machine, as you always do, which will make the acidity of the two ingredients imperceptible to the smell (but fortunately not to the touch).

2. Avoid using chemical fabric softeners for softer towels

As we said at the beginning, the initial benefits of these products end up causing the opposite effect, as the substances that compose them create an invisible layer that covers the towels and prevents the fabrics from absorbing water as they should.

3. Never make excessive use of soap or detergent

Using detergent or soap in abundance does not guarantee greater cleaning, but there is the risk of obtaining the opposite effect. If you decide to use some of the tricks we talked about, a small amount of these products is enough to return the towels to their original softness.

4. Add ammonia and vinegar to the washing machine

On the one hand, ammonia prevents detergents from sticking too much to the tissues, and, on the other hand, vinegar has the same effect on the mineral salts of the water we talked about at the beginning. In this way, you will be able to have softer towels.

5. Never load the washing machine too much

In order for all these techniques to work, it is normal that you have to calculate the amount of clothes to wash because, by putting too many in the washing machine, the homemade remedies will not be able to work in the best way.

This is due to the fact that the friction of the towels between them hardens them and, therefore, will prevent you from having softer towels.

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For softer towels, is it important how they dry?

The answer is yes, and more than meets the eye. The ideal is to put the laundry in the dryer, along with a dryer ball or a tennis ball. These items will help soften the towels and prevent them from rubbing together.

If you don’t have a dryer, then you can use some alternative tricks that will be very useful.

  • First of all, don’t expose the towels to too high temperatures for a long time because they age the fibers.
  • After that, remember what we said at the beginning: beat them several times to stretch the fibers and get rid of both chemical and mineral residues.

In this way, these strategies will help you have softer towels and, at the same time, save some money, both in soaps and detergents and in buying new laundry for the bathroom. Try these tips, and you will see that you will not regret it. What do you think? Have we intrigued you?

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