A beach towel should dry you quickly, be durable and stay nice for a long time. Now long days are waiting for beaches and rocks. Beach towel is an indispensable accessory, often soft, absorbent, and with the ability to make us quick dry.

Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel – 100% Ring-Spun Cotton

Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel (30 x 60 Inches) - 100% Ring Spun Cotton Large Pool Towels, Soft and Quick Dry Swim Towels Variety Pack (Pack of 4) (Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange)

The summer season is near. This means many of you would visit the most beautiful beaches in the world. Aside from your swimsuit and trunks, make sure not to forget to pack this fluffy and fast-absorbing towel. These beach towels are popular because of their breathable features. It is made with pure cotton fabric, which makes it ideal for drying off your body and hands. Considering its 30 x 60 inches size, it could give you optimal versatility, absorbency, and coverage. Its edges were professionally hemmed, which proves the product’s durability and quality. Even after several wash and dry sessions, rest assured that these towels will maintain their softness.

One of the good things about these beach towels is that they are lightweight. Each towel is free from short fibers. The combing process ensures that the towel will have little to no shorter fibers, which keeps it away from fraying and shedding. In addition, the towel is available in different colors you can select from. So, you can use it as an ideal present for your friends and relatives. When washing the towel, take note not to use any fabric softeners or bleach. Instead, use only a gentle detergent to keep it soft and fluffy.

Wrap yourself in an absorbent, downy, and soft bath tower after bathing or swimming in the pool. The Utopia Towels Cabana is made of 100 percent cotton fabric. This also offers the best coverage, versatility, and absorbency. This is a must-have accessory for your escapade on the poolside or beach. The towel is practical and extra absorbent for fast drying, comfortable lounging, and has ample coverage. The additional combing process and zero twist construction eliminate the short fibers that help minimize fraying and shedding. This is a very absorbent beach towel and will keep soft after many washes and dry cycles. This is available in various colors such as green, yellow, blue, and orange.

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