Soft and fast absorbent are qualities most of you are looking for in a premium-quality beach towel.

One of the good things about this towel is that it is more absorbent. This oversized towel comes with bright and bold color stripes that fit perfectly to your vibrant appearance. Size is 70 x 35 inches, and this towel is absolutely wider and longer than other normal beach towels you have used before.

Laguna Beach Textile Beach Towel – Plush Cotton Softness with Colorful Stripes

Black, White and Gray Cabana Beach Towel - Oversized Hotel Quality Summer Sunbathing and Pool Side Lounge Comfort

Considering its wide size, you can also use it as a base for your lounge chair. With its soft base, you will feel more relaxed while watching the sea form beautiful waves. These large-sized cabana beach towels are intended to be used by individuals who are fond of doing various outdoor activities. Since it is relatively larger, you will need a spacious tote bag for easy storage. It also comes with a more durable and thicker border which improves its resilience even during heavy machine washes. Thus, you will have peace of mind knowing that your beach towel is free from loose threads and fraying.

Make your beach escape comfortable and meaningful with the help of a high-quality Cabana Beach Towel by Laguna Beach Textile. What makes this towel apart from the rest is the 630 GSM soft materials, which are often thicker than conventional bathroom towels for further comfort. Available in oversized sizes, Cabana Beach Towel comes with vibrant colored stripes to match your taste and style. This is available in different colors such as coral and sea glass, yellow and seagrass, sorbet, sunshine, and many others.

This beach towel is broader and longer than typical beach towels, making it easier to relax in your preferred lounge chair. The material helps you dry easily from head to toe.

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