Beach Towels in Bulk

For sure, you are among those who do not give so much attention to beach towels in bulk. However, how can you completely enjoy your beach experience without them? You’ll need them, especially if you love the beach and you frequently travel.

Let’s face it. A beach towel is an expense that you could not live without. After all, buying beach towels bulk is a smart way to shop. So, before dipping your body into a crystal blue sea, make sure you have a high-quality beach towel by your side.

beach towels in bulk

Now that you are aware of the benefits and factors to consider when buying beach towels bulk let’s get into the Top 15 picks!

Here are 15 of Best Bulk Beach Towels

We have 15 of the best for bulk beach towels. For you to consider when making decisions in choosing. There are many colors and many styles. Have fun with it.

1. Kauf Cabana Terry Loop Beach Towel

Cabana Terry Loop Beach and Pool Towel 12-Pack

These beach towels bulk is perfect for the entire family. Whether for everyday use or beach vacation, this 12-piece set comes in different vibrant colors.


-100% Cotton

-Lightweight and machine washable

-Easy care wash


-Very thin

2. Arkwright Cali Cabana Beach Towels

Arkwright LLC Cali Cabana Beach Towels (4-Pack, 30 x 60

These oversized striped beach towels are best known for their soft feel, lightweight, and durability. They are designed for easy care and beach vibe.


-100% cotton

-Ideal for beach, pool, bathroom, and hotel



-A little fraying

3. Exclusivo Mezcla Cabana Striped Beach Towels

100% Cotton Cabana Striped Beach/Pool/Bath Towel(30

If you are looking for beach towels that are lightweight, very soft, and easy to carry, then this set is perfect for you. Not only that, but they are also great to share with your family and friends.


-Vivid bright colors

-100% cotton

-Durable, absorbent, and soft


-Thin and minimal fraying

4. Kaufman Velour Striped Beach Towels

100% Cotton Velour Striped Beach & Pool Towel 4-Pack

These 4 colorful beach towels offer superb comfort and absorbency. You can use them anywhere from your trip, be it in the pool or sea. Above, they provide a luxurious feel.


-High quality and elegant

-100% cotton

-Vibrant and colorful


-Threads loose easily

5. Kaufman Terry Beach Towels

Terry Beach & Pool Towel 6-Pack of Assorted Designs

When looking for 6-pack beach towels that deliver great value at an affordable price, these towels should go on your top list. They come in multi-designs that are perfect for pool, beach, or even everyday use.


-100% cotton




-Not big enough

6. Large Beach Towel, Pool Towel with Cabana Stripe

Large Beach Towel, Pool Towel with Cabana Stripe, Eco Friendly

For a combined luxury and economical price, always bring these 4-pack beach towels on your trip. These towels were produced using a safe, durable process.


-100% cotton


-Extremely soft


-Super thin

7. Great Bay Home Plush Velour Beach Towels

4 Pack Plush Velour 100% Cotton Beach Towels. Cabana Stripe Pool Towels for Adults

Made from 100% cotton, these 4-pack beach towels are durable, soft, and fast-drying. They designed with bright colors and classic styles to suit every family member’s taste.


-Luxury and supreme comfort

-Nicely sized



-Loose sewing at edges

8. Clotho Cotton Beach Towels

Towels Set of 6 Beach Towel 100% Cotton

These 6 beach towels come in giftable packaging. They are multi-purpose, where you can use them on pool, beach, spa, gym, fitness, and yacht.


-100% cotton

-Dries quickly and absorbent



-Poorly finished

9. Great Bay Home Combed Cotton Beach Towels

Great Bay Home 4-Pack of Beach Towels. Wide Stripe 100% Combed Cotton Large Pool Towels

This 4-pack beach towel set has beautiful colored stripes and classic designs to complement everybody’s preference. They are known to be long-lasting, fade-resistant, and easy to care for.


-100% cotton

-Lightweight and quick-drying

-Sand resistant side


-A bit thin

10. Espalma Copa Cabana Beach Towels

Espalma Copa Cabana Stripe Cotton Beach Towel Set Soft and Plush Absorbent Terry Cotton Terry Pool

These exquisite 6-piece beach towels perfectly cover the beach or chaise lounge. While they are giving your complete comfort, you are also saving extra cash.


-100% cotton

-High quality and quick drying

-Long-lasting color and design


-Not very soft

11. Arkwright California Cabana Beach Towels

Arkwright California Cabana Striped Beach Towel Pack of 4, Ringspun Cotton Double Yarn Strength

Using these towels, you can experience softness and durability. These 4 pieces of towels are colorful and lively, where you can bring them anywhere you go.


-100% cotton

-Lightweight and multi-function

-Superb absorbency


-A little thinner

12. Utopia Cabana Stripe Beach Towels

Utopia Beach Towel (30 x 60 Inches) - 100% Ring Spun Cotton Pool Towels

These beach towels are quick absorbent on both sides. After a swim at the beach, wrap your body with these fluffy, absorbent, and soft towels.


-100% cotton

-Lightweight for excellent absorbency

-Perfect gift for loved ones


-Strings coming loose

13. Kaufman Cabana Terry Loop Beach Towels

Cabana Terry Loop Beach and Loop Towel 6-Pack

If bright blue beach towels are your thing, then this 6-pack beach towel set is just right for you. Apart from you can use them on your beach vacation, they are also ideal for everyday use.


-100% cotton

-Machine washable



-Does not dry well

14. BC Bare Cotton Luxury Beach Towels

Luxury Hotel & Spa Towel 100% Cotton Pool Beach Towels

These beach towels are very absorbent and remain soft even after a number of wash and dry cycles. These towels are designed to deliver a classy look without any lint.


-100% cotton

-Distinctive stripe pattern

-Very durable and practicable


-A bit thinner

15. Softerry Extra Soft Beach Towels

Extra Soft Beach Towel 32 x 62 inch 4 Pack Hotel Pool & Resort Style Terry 100% Cotton

These towels are big enough for adults. They offer great fluffiness but not heavy so that you can wash and dry them easily.


-100% cotton

-Affordable and Extra Soft



-A bit thin with large looping

Benefits of Buying Bulk Beach Towels

There are a few great reasons why you should buy beach towels bulk, including:


With a number of beach towels at home, you can be sure that you are fully prepared every time you have a beach vacation. No need for you to buy an extra towel while on your way to the beach.

Great Value

When beach towels bulk, you’ll get items that are a little expensive. In short, you can save some extra cash.


Having a few extra towels mean that you can stay comfortable while you are on vacation. Besides, you can share that kind of comfort with your loved ones.

What to Look for In Beach Towels Bulk

Before buying beach towels in bulk, consider the following factors:

100% Cotton

A beach towel that is 100% cotton absorbs moisture quickly.


Make sure that your beach towel is yarn-dyed so that the color will not easily fade in the sun.

Short Lopped Terrycloth

A beach towel that is short looped terrycloth resists on the rocky edges or chaise lounge and dries fast.

Selvage Edging

With selvage edging, a beach towel prevents unraveling.

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Final Thoughts

For next summer and beach escapade, make sure to get yourself bulk beach towels. Choose beach towels that suit your preference and offer value for money. Happy swimming!