Are you ready to dive into the crystal-clear water? Do you want to spend your vacation in a tropical paradise? If so, never leave your home without bringing a high-quality beach towel.

Speaking of beach towels, Avalon Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel will help you enjoy every trip to the beach. If you want to get to know about this beach towel, this post of for you.

Avalon Beach Towel Overview

This Avalon beach towel is aesthetically stunning, reflecting the cool ocean and white sand. It measures 30×60 inches (1.52 meters) and is made from premium-grade ring spun cotton. Since it is a pack of four, the entire family can enjoy the benefits of a beach towel.

These beach towels are absorbent and highly soft, so users with sensitive skin have nothing to worry about. The towels are perfect for indoor or outdoor activities. The premium ring-spun cotton material offers a superior experience for wrapping up the body while on the pools or beach or drying up the body.

Avalon Beach Towels Blue - Made from Premium Ring-Spun Cotton

Noticeable Features of Avalon Beach Towels

Below are the features of Avalon Cabana Stripe Beach Towels:

Very Absorbent

Beachgoers use beach towels for sitting or lying on the sand or drying off after swimming. Fortunately, these Avalon beach towels absorb water effectively. This means they do not quickly become damp. Plus, they do not attract a lot of sand.

Durable and High Quality

Besides being ideal for beaches and pools because of their highly absorbent quality, these towels are very durable and high quality. This means you can use them for a long time. They stay soft even after several uses. They also remain intact after several times of washing.

Aesthetically Beautiful

These beach towels come with a beautiful design. The colors are vibrant and cool to the eyes. With the generous size, you can dry up your body quickly. Plus, these beach towels bulk for a holiday will not take so much space in your bag or closet with the right folding technique.

Machine Washable

Another exciting thing about these towels is they are machine washable and easy to care for. You do not need to use bleach or fabric softeners to keep them soft and clean. Ensure to wash them separately to reduce lint and never iron them.


With Avalon Cabana Stripe Beach Towels, you can make your beach adventure even more enjoyable and convenient. They are beach essentials that you should never leave at home. Plus, they are beautifully designed and last for a long time.

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