Best Turkish Beach Towels

They are known for their fast absorption and softness. Turkish beach towels can also be called Peshtemal, Hammam, or Fouta towels. They are made of good quality cotton with fewer joints because of their long fibers. Longer fibers will not need more joints compared to the shorter fibers of some cotton used in other towels.

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Livordo Turkish Beach Towel

Bazaar Anatolia Slim Line Turkish Towel

LeStoff Turkish Beach Towel

A relaxing day on the beach is hard to imagine without a good beach towel. It is much more than just a piece of cloth to clean, and it is also a soft surface to rest and enjoy the day in the sun.

When looking for the best Turkish beach towels, it’s important to think about absorbency, drying time, and comfort. Plus, if you’re looking for an oversized beach towel, size will be essential too.

To help you find the perfect one, we’ve carefully researched and selected the top 20 Turkish towels for our list. Each of these models offers first-rate comfort and durability. And, if you want to learn more about all the features, be sure to check out the buying guide below as well.

1. Livordo Turkish Towels, Soft and Absorbent Beach Towels

Livordo Turkish Towel Beach Towels, Soft, Absorbent 100% Cotton Made in Turkey Quick-Dry Lightweight Bath Sheet

First is Livorno towels are made of 100% cotton, quick-dry, lightweight, soft and absorbent. It is ideal for a bath towel but can also be used for wrap or sarong, scarf, shawls, and many more. It is very absorbent and fast-drying.

The soft cotton pestemal towel from the Livordo brand is made from 100 percent organic Turkish cotton. The fabric has a great advantage is extremely absorbent. This ensures that extra moisture is absorbed. The Livordo towel is very lightweight. An ideal ally if you want to spend a day at the beach, at the pool, or in the gym. The 100% organic Turkish cotton material feels particularly soft. The towel is user-friendly and is easy to store in a bag.

It can be washed using washing machines. The advantage of this kind of Turkish beach towel is its very large size.

2. Bazaar Anatolia Slim Line Turkish towels, 100% Cotton Peshtemal Beach Towels

Bazaar Anatolia Slim Line Turkish Towel 100% Cotton Peshtemal Beach Towel

This beach towel from Bazaar Anatolia – feels velvety soft and supple due to because made of 100% cotton. This towel is multi-purpose: both as a beach towel, pool towel, bath towel, sauna towel, shawl, or blanket, large and lightweight beach towel an ideal towel on the beach.

Like the other Turkish towel, it is made of high-quality cotton, fast-drying, absorbent. It is dyed naturally, without any chemicals. Although it is large, it is very convenient to carry.

3. LeStoff Turkish Beach Towel 100% Organic Cotton

LeStoff Turkish Beach Towel 100% Organic Cotton Prewashed

This beach towel can add more color to your beach getaway. Towel made from 100% organic cotton material, it’s easy to roll up and comes packaged in a portable pouch. It’s absorbent and soft, so your skin feels fresh after every use. It is available in unisex designs.

This towel is made up of cotton. It is designed with colors dyed to make the fibers vibrant for years of use. This can be used for many purposes since it is very light and takes up little space.

This towel is quick-drying. A towel is perfect for the beach, bath, gym, yoga, and outdoor activities.

4. InfuseZen 100% Cotton Peshtemal Towels – For The Bath, Beach, Pool, Gym, Yoga, Spa

InfuseZen 100% Cotton Peshtemal, Reversible Turkish Towel for The Bath, Beach or Pool

This Turkish towel has good quality and is made of 100% cotton. It has black in color and other colors. Cotton also ensures that you dry up quickly because it absorbs moisture quickly and dries quickly. This is ideal because it dries you up quickly and you can quickly enjoy the sun again after swimming, without getting wet.

It is made of cotton, lightweight. Very thin, which is ideal for the bath, can also be used for yoga, in the gym, or in the spa. It is very thin. It is also reversible, increasing the variety of ways it can be used.

The InfuseZen beach towel is 68 inches x 37 inches. The beach towel you see in the picture has a black color. But there are also 2 other colors: navy and sea green. It is quite small compared to other towels, but it is very lightweight, which is why it is very easy to carry.

5. DoKa Home Turkish Towel – Full Cotton Peshtemal – For Beach, Bath, gym, yoga, sauna, and Spa

DoKa Home Turkish Towel - Full Cotton Peshtemal - Turkish Bath Towel 39x70 inches

This is a beach towel from DoKa Home. A 100% cotton towel means that this towel ensures that soft. And it’s nice that it dries quickly. This way, you are quickly dry again after you have taken a dip in the sea.

It is a full cotton towel. It is soft and is ideal for the beach, bath, and spa. It has a beautiful design. The towel is made of 100% organic cotton and has dimensions 39×70 inches.

6. Clotho Turkish Towels – Quick Drying Towel 100% Cotton

Clotho Beach Towel Set of 4 with Towel Band 2 Pack

The next beach towel is Clotho Turkish towels. The Clotho is a beach towel that feels very soft. It has a beautiful color and great design, so you never have to worry about not being able to find your towel again. The towel is made of cotton, and it dries quickly and absorbs moisture quickly. Ideal, because that way you can quickly dry yourself and continue with something else.

This towel has four different colors. It is made up of cotton. It is almost the same in size compared to other Turkish towels. This kind of towel can be used as a beach towel, pool towel, beach blanket, and more. One of the amazing features of this towel is that it gets softer whenever washed. It is also lightweight and is multipurpose.

7. Bosphorus Turkish Beach Towels – 100% Turkish Cotton

BOSPHORUS (Set of 6) 100% Turkish Cotton Bath Beach Hammam Towel

BOSPHORUS towel consists of high-quality cotton. It not only absorbs the water very well, but it also dries relatively quickly. Whether on the beach, in the sauna, in yoga, or as a bath towel, the BOSPHORUS Turkish towel can be used multipurpose. The beautiful colors are particularly striking and especially have outstanding fringes.

This towel is made of cotton, is very light, and is colorful. It is already pre-washed and has multicolor, black, grey, grey – dark, and navy. It dries within minutes and is easy to fold. It can be used by both sexes, and it does not shrink. It also gets softer after washing.

8. Clotho with Multiple Colors Turkish Pestemal – Absorbs Water and Quick dry

Turkish Beach Towels Multiple Colors 100% Cotton

The Clotho beach towel. It is a beach towel that is made of 100% cotton, which ensures that it feels wonderfully soft. Therefore, this beach towel is ideal for a day at the beach because of its beautiful design and different colors, red, silver gray, mint green, and midnight blue ( navy ). The beach and this beach towel match each other perfectly. It also has a beautiful color, which makes you happy when you see the towel on the beach.

It is made up of cotton. Fast-drying, lightweight, and takes up lesser space. It has four different colors. It is a multipurpose towel that can be used on the beach, bath, spa, gym, and any fitness activities.

9. QoupQuru Beach Towel – 100% Turkish Cotton, Light Weight

QoupQuru Turkish Towels – 2 Pack Peshtemal Towel Set – 100% Turkish Cotton

This is a beach towel from QoupQuru. The towel has different colors, such as aqua, navy blue, ocean blue, black, and other colors. The towel is made of 100% Turkish cotton. This QoupQuru beach towel is made of 100% cotton, which provides a soft feeling, and is moisture-absorbent so you can dry yourself quickly.

Made up of cotton, and are easy to dry. It has a vintage-colored design, and It also comes in a wide range of colors. It can be used in many activities like yoga, spa, travel, picnic, camping, outdoor, and many more.

10. Viventive Turkish Cotton Beach Towels – Towel for Beach, Bathroom, Travel, Gym

Viventive Turkish Cotton Beach Towels - 100% Cotton - Soft, and Quick-Dry

This is beach towels from Viventive. It’s made from 100% cotton, giving it a soft, fast-drying, and absorbent texture. In addition, it has an ideal size to be carried in the bag.

It is useful for different baths, beaches, picnics, yoga, and travel. It is soft and quick drying. It is also thinner and is composed of naturally dyed yarns. A multipurpose towel can be used for different activities. It is also very stylish because of the beautiful designs of the towel.

11. Cerberus Trade Turkish Beach Towel Peshtemal Blanket

Cerberus Trade Turkish Beach Towel Peshtemal Blanket - 100% Cotton Pestemal Towel

These colorful summer towels are great for the beach. With bright colors, this multicolor set is ideal for beach, bath, spa, pool, gym, and more. The size is great, and the design with different is super beautiful. Turkish Peshtemal towels are absorbent and dry quickly.

This beach towel comes in six and is ideal for beach, bath, spa, and sauna. This is a towel up of 100% cotton, lightweight, and quick-drying. It has a traditional design which is good for decorations. It is also handmade, that is why the quality is really good.

12. HAVLULAND 100% Turkish Cotton Beach Towel Prewashed for Soft Feel

HAVLULAND (Set of 6) 100% Turkish Cotton Beach Towel - Highly Absorbent and Quick Dry

Cotton is known for its absorbent qualities. This set of 6 Turkish cotton towels is made from 100% organic pure Turkish cotton. It can absorb all the water and dry it out in no time. Its large size makes it ideal for use on the beach or even for a walk by the pool. The HAVLULAND is a soft towel and extremely light. Furthermore, it is machine washable (30-40°C on a gentle cycle) and does not lose its softness even after several washes.

HAVLULAND Turkish beach towel made of 100% cotton provides texture and softness. A set of 6 beach towels has different colors. Perfect for beach, sauna, yoga, pool, travel, and picnic.

13. DEMMEX Turkish Cotton Towels, 100% Organic Cotton

DEMMEX Turkish Cotton Towel, 100% Organic Cotton

This Turkish towels comes in large sizes for maximum coverage. Made from cotton, it’s soft, absorbent, quick-dry, and durable. It features a beautiful pattern and is available in multiple colors.

This DEMMEX beach towel is highly absorbent, quick-dry, and very light. This can be used every day because it is a quick-drying towel. This absorbs moisture and is made of cotton materials.

14. Swan Comfort 100% Natural Turkish Cotton Absorbent Beach Towel

Swan Comfort 100% Natural Turkish Cotton Absorbent Beach Towel

Are you looking for a nice Turkish towel? Then take a look at this Swan Comfort towel that is highly absorbent and dries in an instant. Its soft and cozy material can keep you comfortable even when completely wet. It comes in colorful designs and can be used at the beach, pool, or even as a yoga. It doesn’t require much care and can be easily machine washed and cleaned.

This kind of towel is absorbent, ideal for spa, beach, and yoga. You can also use this as stylish swimwear because of its beautiful designs with the shades of blue, orange – navy blue, rose – brown, and others.

It is also useful for fitness activities and accents your swimming clothes. It is composed of Turkish cotton, making it very absorbent.

15. Realgrandbazaar Turkish Cotton Towel – 100% Pure Cotton

Realgrandbazaar Turkish Towel - Sand Free and Quick Dry

If you plan to go to the beach, then maybe you’re looking for a colorful beach towel like this. With made of 100% cotton, this Realgrandbazaar towel not only looks attractive, but it’s also soft and comfortable. It dries quickly and is quite large, making it perfect for the beach, sauna, pool, gym, spa, yoga, and travel. And guess what? It is quick-dry and sand-free, so you can relax on the beach without any worries.

This Turkish towel can be used right after you buy it because it is already pre-washed. This can be used in baths, spas. Its base color is beige with other different colors in the stripe.

16. Ray Silver Premium Turkish Towel 100% Cotton

Ray Silver Premium Turkish Beach Towel 100% Cotton-Quick Dry

This is a Turkish towel made up of cotton. This is a stylish towel because of its beautiful designs that come in different colors. This can be used in bath, beach, pool, spa, yoga, gym, hiking, and camping. This towel absorbs moisture and dries very quickly. It has many colors and is beautifully designed.

This beach towel can be your companion for your next beach getaway and more. It is made from cotton, which makes it super absorbent, and also dry quickly. Its cotton material makes it ideal for use on a hot day at the beach or even during your workout or yoga session.

17. Smyrna Turkish Cotton Beach Towel – For SPA, Beach, Pool, Gym, and Bathroom

Smyrna Original Turkish Beach Towel Cotton, Prewashed, 37 x 71 Inches

Towel made from 100% organic cotton, this beach towel is lightweight and takes up little space when folded. Its soft fabric quickly absorbs moisture to make you feel warm and comfortable. Use it at the beach or for any outdoor activity. Its cool design makes it suitable for anyone.

It is made up of cotton, and It is a multi-purpose towel that can be used on the beach, pool, spa, and even in the bathroom. This can also be used as a scarf, pareo, sarong, shawl, and even a blanket. This is made of natural fabric, which gives it softness, good absorbency, and quick drying.

It is advised to wash this after washing. Both sexes can use this since it has so many colors to choose from.

18. Mebien Beach Towels for Adults Quick Dry and Sand Free – 100% Turkish Cotton

Mebien Turkish Towels for Adults Quick Dry and Sand Free Beach Towel

It is highly absorbent and dries quickly. It feels soft because the towel is made of 100% cotton. The lightweight makes it easy to travel almost anywhere. This is a great towel design. It is easy to wash in the washing machine.

This is composed of cotton. Lightweight and absorbent. It is also quick-drying, so you can use it anytime. It has beautiful designs that come in varying colors. The towel is perfect for beach, bath, pool, spa, picnic and can also be used as shawls, headscarf, pareo, and sarong.

19. Aysesa Beach Towel, Lightweight and Quick Dry, 100% Natural Turkish Cotton

AYSESA Sandproof Turkish Towels

If you are an avid lover of frivolous basics with style, this Turkish towel from Aysesa is an excellent choice. Both for women and men. Due to being made of cotton, you will notice a soft sensation. The cloth also absorbs a lot of moisture.

Like any other Turkish towel, this towel is made of cotton, lightweight, and absorbent. One good thing about this towel is that it has a hidden zipper in which you can put your phone, snacks, or anything. It is also hypoallergenic, so it is safe for children and those sensitive people.

20. LAODIS Turkish Peshtemal Beach Towel

Turkish Peshtemal Beach Towel - Peshtemal for Beach, Pool, Travel, Camping, Yoga, Gym, Bath

This soft towel folds compactly to fit in your bag. It’s strong and durable, so you can use it for as long as you like. Its ultra-absorbent material dries quickly and is also sand-free, so you don’t have to worry about carrying sand or a heavy wet towel back home. It can also be a good companion for yoga or even picnic and camping.

This towel is made up of pure cotton, making it lightweight, quick-drying, and absorbent. It also includes a stylish design beautiful colors. It is with different shades of color, making it a very stylish towel useful for any purpose. It is quite bigger compared to some towels, so it can be used for blankets.

What are you waiting for? Grab yours now. Turkish Beach towel is very stylish in which it matches home designs and anything. It’s very absorbent and quick drying. Has so many types of designs to choose from. So, get one now.

Benefits of a Turkish Beach towel

  • These beach towels, as mentioned a while ago, is made up of long fibers of cotton, making it super absorbent, soft, and fluffy. These beach towels are also very easy to carry because it can be folded to take very little space compared to other towels. It can even fit into a tote bag, so it is very easy and convenient to carry this kind of material. These beach towels are also known for their faster drying duration.
  • This towel can even be dried for only 15 minutes after complete wetness. It is ideal to use on the beach or on trips because of its many uses. It can be a shawl. If you are experiencing coldness or just want to disguise yourself, then you can use the ultra-lightweight Turkish towels readily.
  • You can also use this as a blanket if you are traveling in any transportation. Talking about sleep, you can also use this as a neck pillow. Just roll the Turkish beach towel and hang it on your shoulders. It will give you so much comfort and convenience. It can also act as a scarf if you are heading into a colder vacation or travel.
  • It is an ideal necessity for every travels because it can be used perfectly for comfort and even add an accent to your fashion. Since it is lightweight, it will not be a problem carrying this in your bag or even hanging to tour the body. This can add up to your overall outfit because of its creative designs and beautiful colors, which you can use to bring a different accent to your body.
  • All of these functions in one beach towel. Getting it wet or dirty is also not a problem because you can wash it anytime and use it again after a short period of time because it can dry in a much shorter time compared to other existing towels.
  • This beach towel is not only limited for traveling, but it can also add spice to your homes because it can be used as decorative material in bathrooms or anywhere you like. This is because of its colorful designs varying from pastel, bright, and even darker colors that are perfect in every house. You can also use this as a table cloth and again, getting it dirty is never a problem.

How to choose the perfect Turkish towel

Turkish towels are becoming part of the trend. It is very “in” comfortable, useful, and of course, lovely, that is why it is readily available in every online store. It is available in an online store platform in which you can easily look at the designs and choose the best fit for you. Since it varies not just in designs but also in colors, you will have a great range of choices.

Be sure to look at that and choose the right length for you. Beach towels are readily available in the shops or in online shops, so it is just dependent on your choice and taste for beach towels.


If you decide to buy a Turkish towel, make sure that it is made of 100 percent cotton. It is a material that is very pleasant to the skin and retains its shape even after frequent washing.


There is now a fairly large selection of Turkish towels. Whether monochrome or colorful, with or without a pattern, everyone can choose the fabric according to their own taste. In addition to delicate pastel shades, oriental patterns with ornaments are also very popular, which gives the scarf a little bit extra.

Who Would Buy Turkish Beach Towel?

These beach towels can be used by any person. Since it has a variety of colors and designs, it can fit any person’s choice, even for a man or a woman. Anyone can buy and avail of this product since it is readily accessible on the internet. With the exception, of course, of those that can be irritated by cotton or of any material included in the product.

What Is So Special About Turkish Towels?

  • They are made from Turkish cotton. Turkish Towels makes use of their long fiber cotton that keeps the towels from entangling. It also makes its cotton threads strong and gives out a uniquely smooth touch for the towels. Not to mention, it also makes them very absorbent.
  • Authentic and Traditional. They’ve included a hand-made tassel piece for details and go to tradition, unlike other types of towels that we get worldwide.
  • It brings you undeniable comfort.
  • They are versatile. It can be used as towels or even just for an interior accessory. These can even be worn in different styles.
  • With its premium quality, it would surely last you for a long time.

Is Turkish Cotton Good Quality?

Turkish cotton is one of the greatest cotton produced all around the world. Just so you know, it makes use of high-quality fibers. They are smooth, absorbent, and the fibers were made longer to make it stronger and have lesser fuzz and joins. Not to mention, the woven materials were picked from earth-friendly crops, which makes Turkish cotton 100% organic.

The best thing you could also get from Turkish kinds of cotton is that even with excessive use and washing, it could still look and feel brand new as if it wasn’t even used. With multiple washes, it could even feel fluffier, smoother, and stronger than before.

What is a Turkish Towel used For?

Turkish towels can be used in various ways. Here are some ways to use Turkish towels:

  • With the name itself, you can use it as towels, a bath towel, beach towel, a hair towel, just any towel that can dry yourself. As it’s also soft and lightweight, it can also be a travel towel and baby towel.
  • Use it for fashion and style. Tie them in different ways, and you can achieve a great look. Make a dress or a skirt out of it, you decide! It can even be used as a scarf during the cold seasons.
  • Add it to your interiors. Drape them on your sofa, hang them on your wall, use it as a table cloth, fold them in anyways, and it just adds styles to your interiors.
  • Used as a wrap. It can be used as a baby wrap, shoulder wrap, or item bag as long as it’s tied firmly.
  • A cover. A picnic blanket, yoga mat cover, seat cushion, etc.

How to Wear Turkish Towels

  • As a Tube Dress Wrap. Wrap your body with the towel from front to back and stuff the corner end to the other.
  • As a Skirt/Sarong/Pareo. Wrap the towel around your waist and tie both ends.
  • As a halter dress. Start at the back and then hold both ends to tie around your neck.
  • Shoulder style. Wrap the towel from front to back and tie both ends on just one side of the shoulder.
  • Double Knot Style. Wrap the towel around your body and chest level, then tie a knot for two times.
  • As a scarf. Wear around your neck and tie it just like any other scarves.

What is a Turkish Hammam Towel?

A Turkish hammam towel is a traditionally woven cloth popular around the world. These are flat-woven and have used premium quality cotton for the fabrics. What is a Turkish towel if it does not use the best cotton? Turkish hammam towels are known as one of the greatest towels with great fabric all around the world. They are also very versatile when it comes to its uses and designs; it is perfect for lightweight travel, a quick-dry towel, a sarong, a blanket, and so much more that you could ever imagine.

Just so you know, the added tassels on the fringes were hand-made, so it makes it truly authentic. These towels also have a unique and interesting striped design that a lot of people would put their eyes on.

The great benefits of a hammam towel

You can use it for different purposes

The biggest advantage is that hammam towels can be used multi-functionally. They are wafer-thin and feather-light. In other words, they take up very little luggage space when you go on vacation. Terrycloth towels need much more space in your suitcase. They can be used on the beach, in wellness, or as a pillow.

Hammam towels dry faster

A Fouta is ideal for the beach or during a visit to the pool for the simple reason that it dries faster. Such a wet, thick towel often starts to smell bad in a travel bag. With quick-drying hammam towels, you no longer have that problem.

Hammam towels are available in different colors and print versions

Today, hammam towels are available in different colors and prints and act as real eye-catchers. It is a fashion trend that hammam towels even serve as an interior accessory. Just think of plaid from a sofa, draping the foot ends on your bed, or as a tablecloth.

What Materials is the Hammam Towel made of?

One hundred percent cotton or organic cotton is mainly used for production. The combed fibers are spun into an evenly thin yarn. This ensures that the hammam towel retains its shape and does not fray after several washes. Another advantage of cotton is that the hammam towels remain pleasantly soft and, at the same time, tear-resistant.

Unlike a classic bath or sauna towel, there are no lumps or fluff that would noticeably change its appearance. The finer the yarn is during production, the higher the quality of the hammam towel that is made from it.

Which Fouta Should You Choose Now?

To choose hammam towels that fit your stall, you will have to decide in advance for yourself what you will use the cloth for. It starts with your favorite color, size, and design. Of course, personal taste also plays an important role. A little tip: small hammam towels are often used in the kitchen.

What is a Peshtemal Towel?

A Peshtemal towel is another type of Turkish towel. Just like any other Turkish towel, they are also one of the towels that people all around the globe love best. These towels are large, flat, fluffy, and smooth. The features were thought out with bath towels used in those renowned Turkish spas. With how it was tightly woven, Peshtemal towels are surely strong and guaranteed to last you for a long time.

One great feature of all the Turkish towels is that they are versatile. Peshtemal towels can also be used in different ways; however one would like it. It can be used as a decoration for interiors, a styled outfit, a towel especially, and so much more.

Why do Turkish Towels have Fringe?

Fun fact! The fringes are actually hand-made that makes these towels authentic. It goes on with tradition, and it’s a great added feature in these towels. Don’t you think so?

Do Turkish Towels Absorb Water?

Turkish towels are one of the best towels to get when you want a fast absorbent. With the special cotton used, these towels provide maximum absorbency and quick drying. Another, with excessive washing, these towels can actually become fluffier, smoother, softer, and more absorbent than it was ever before.

In order to complete a towel, weavers must have a base weave and loops. The loops support the towel’s effectiveness in absorbance. How they decide on its length and tightness will determine how much the towel can absorb. The more loops and longer loops, the better. They also consider the yarn thickness for its absorbance. The thinner the yarn, the better for the loops. This gives Turkish towels a greater surface area, making them really absorbent. When it comes to absorbency, Turkish towels are the best deals.

How to Care for Turkish Towels?

  • First things first, soak them. Right after you’ve bought a Turkish towel, soak them in cold water for as long as 12 hours to expand the towel’s fibers. This will make them more absorbent and fluffier. The best way to do this is by leaving them in a tub overnight. There’s no need to repeat this after you’ve done it. The next washes could simply be by putting it in your washing machine.
  • Wash and dry them carefully. We recommend that you just hang these towels after washing them to maintain their fluffiness and absorbency. Never use a bleach or fabric softener for this.
  • Be gentle with the fabric. Although it has one of the premium cotton, it is still recommended that we take care of them just as much as we take care of our other stuff.

How to Dry Turkish Cotton Towels?

It’s better to dry Turkish towels by hanging them to dry. This will even make the towels feel as brand new again. You’ll notice the changes once you’ve tried it. However, if air drying is not possible, make sure to set the dryer on low settings. The cotton fibers can act differently when exposed to high heat and ruin its original qualities.

How to Fold a Turkish towel?

You can fold a towel in many different days. You can just do the same with the Turkish towels. Since these are lightweight, any type of fold is actually okay for travel. Either you start with both ends and fold them into a square shape or roll them all up. Choose anything you fancy.


There are a lot of towels in the store that we can choose from today. It’s an endless pick, honestly. However, in picking Turkish towels, this will surely be one of your best buys as to its included features. What more could you possibly get? 100% Absorbent, Smooth and Soft, Lightweight, and Versatile!

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