Can you customize on beach towels?

Do you have an embroidery machine of your own at home? If yes, customizing on beach towels is a lot easier.

Using the machine might introduce you to a lot of mistakes. However, with enough practice, you can things work. Then you can showcase your skills in embroidery.

If you are a beginner, it’s an appropriate project to embroider a name, design, or monogram on a beach towel. You can go for beach towels that are made of terry cloth material. Working with this material is easy since it does not tear or stretch.

Terry cloth towels are flat. Meaning, you can customize your text name on beach towels without the excess fabric. Plus, these towels are pretty inexpensive. You can make it as personalized gifts for your loved ones for every occasion. Besides, if you screw up one while practicing, you will feel very frustrated because of the price.

In case you have no idea about customizing beach towels, take a look at the following example:

Embroidered beach towels

Are you looking for a perfect wedding shower gift? A embroidered beach towel can a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift for married or even newly engaged couples. You can combine their initials and add a monogram.

If you are interested in this name embroidered beach towels, you can either do a modern-looking single initial or a traditional monogram.

In the case of a traditional monogram, you can simply place the last name initial in the center and first name initial on the right for the man and the woman’s on the left.

These towels are useful for different activities such as swim team practice, indoor swimming, hot tubbing, and more. When your kids leave their towels in the public pool or at a friend’s house, they can easily get them back because their names were stitched on them.