Embroider Your Name on Beach Towels

As you plan for a vacation, the beach remains to be one of the top choices. After all, the location gives you tranquility and a lot of outdoor activities.

Speaking of the beach, one of the top essentials that you should bring is the beach towel. It’s a great thing that you can embroider your name on a towel.

Custom embroidered towels are not only perfect for persona use. These items are also great as a gift for any occasion. You can give it to your loved ones, from kids to the elderly. Since you can embroider names on the beach towels, the gift makes the extra receiver special.

With beach towels design custom text name, rest assured that you can make your vacation extra creative. Besides, personalized gifts like embroider towel is very cheap and easy to make.

In case you want to embroider your name on the beach towel, but you have no idea on how to, just take a look at the following ideas:

Pick A Spot On The Beach Towel to Add Your Name

It is fun and exciting to pick a spot on the beach towel where you can add your name. As long as your name fits in the space, everything will work.

Go for a spot that is large enough for your name. Keep in mind that placing the name far enough, the towel’s edge means you have nothing to worry about hooping.

Do not forget to mark the center placement lines

On the back of your beach towel, place the tear-away stabilizer. Next is to hoop and then align its placement lines. In order for you to reduce the loops from getting caught in the embroidery, a lightweight water-soluble stabilizer must be placed o the top.

Choose Your Desired Font

You can play with how you wish the name will look like. You can choose arched, stretched, or all capital letters. Each increase in the size of the letter means you have to make sure to increase the stitch density as well.

Stitch A Basting Box Around the Area

If you want the stabilizer in position, then you can do a basting box around the area. Besides, it will provide you a better placement feel.

Stitch, Stitch, Stitch

Make sure that before you start stitching, do not forget to wash towels. This will help you ensure that the design will not shrink. If everything is ready, you can start embroidering your name on the towel.

One more thing, make sure to use complementary colors. Go for color of the name that is eye-catching or noticeable. After all, embroidered names that are not visible make no sense.

Final Thoughts

Beach towels are not limited to its vibrant color and designs by the manufacturer. You can play with your imagination by embroidering your name on it. Whether you want it for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, these towels deliver uniqueness and creativity.

Enjoy the beach!