A beach towel is a softest and most versatile accessory for a summer day at the pool or beach. Not only does it keep you dry, but it also absorbs sweat and helps keep you cool. To further enhance your comfort, cotton towels are lightweight, durable, and easy to wash.

2 Pack Plush Coral & Yellow Star Fish & Stripes Print Beach Towels. 100% Cotton Nautical Beach Towels

2 Pack Plush Coral and Yellow Star Fish and Stripes Print Beach Towels

Coral and yellow starfish are a perfect match. Coral is a vibrant, beautiful sea creature that adds a touch of natural flair. Yellow starfish are great for the beach or poolside. This two-pack plush coral & yellow starfish & stripes print beach towels will make your next trip to the beach or poolside even more relaxing and enjoyable!

Comfort and Luxury

Great Bay Home beach towel is made of 100% cotton. The towel is designed to keep you dry and comfortable while still being stylish. This beach towel provides a luxurious experience for all who use it. You can be used for both outdoor and indoor activities like lounging by the pool or at the beach, as well as traveling.

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The soft beach towel is a must-have item for any beach-goer. The towel is made of 100% cotton, and the size of the towel is large enough to cover your whole body. It dries quickly, which makes it perfect for summertime activities like swimming or sunbathing on a hot day.

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Beach towels are made from 100% cotton, which is a natural fiber that is absorbent. Cotton can soak up a lot of liquid, and it’s soft and smooth to the touch.

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Easy Care

You can wash a towel in a machine washable that is perfect for people who love want to easy to keep it clean. It is a quick and easy way to keep your towels clean. It removes sand, dirt, and other debris that can get stuck in the fibers of your towel.