Beach towels by Great Bay Home 100% cotton beach towel is ultra-soft and absorbent, and durable. Great Bay Home beach towels are made from 100 percent cotton, so they’re ultra-soft. Their 30″ x 60″ size offers plenty of room for sunbathing. These cotton beach towels are supreme comfort and luxury, super-soft, making them ideal for travel to the beach. This beach towel is heavyweight but highly absorbent. Besides being a good option to wrap around your body on a super hot day, it’s also surprisingly absorbent.

100% Cotton Beach Towel. Cabana Stripe Velour Pool Towels

4-Pack 100% Cotton Beach Towel. Cabana Stripe Velour Pool Towels. Edgartown Collection

If you’re looking for a nice cabana stripe beach towel, then the Great Bay Home beach towel is hard to go past. This 100% plush cotton towel is soft, absorbent, and durable. It’s also a bit bigger, coming in at 30″ x 60″. Want something a bit more interesting? The towels in this collection come in different colors, namely light blue, light blush, linen, multicolor, pale grey, and sand. The towels also have really vibrant, colorful designs. This allows you to stand out on the beach and display some personal style. At 30″ x 60″, these towels are certainly large enough to be used on the beach or by the pool.

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