Customizable Beach Towels

Check your bag and make sure you have brought the essential things with you, and one of those is customizable beach towels. A beach towel is a must-have when you are out enjoying the blue waves and tan lines. It may come in handy when drying after a dip in the vast sea. Just like any other garment that you own, your Towel must give you comfort and luxury. Having one is also a fashion statement. And as the year bring forth new things, your towels also need to cope up with the trends. Replace the boring old ones.

custom beach towels embroidered

Here are of the best customizable beach towels that you can check out for a more enjoyable and fun-filled experience at the beach.

1. The Wedding Party Store Premium Personalized Beach Towels – Custom Embroidered

It is the perfect gift for those who love the beach. For example, you might give it to loved ones or your family. It has a distinctive colorful design suitable for use at the beach. This towel is thick and soft, suitable for people who like towels that are especially thick and soft.

The Wedding Party Store Premium Cabana Beach Towel 35

Suppose you give this towel to people at festivals. You can customize the custom name as appropriate. It may be different messages or the name of the recipient. If doing this, the recipient will be truly pleased. It can be given as a gift to both children and adults.

You may give this towel as a gift at Christmas for the person you love or can be given on other special occasions.

2. fyrcracker Personalized Jumbo XL Premium Beach Towel, Custom Name Towels

Customize the name of your own beach towel for uniqueness and distinctiveness. This towel has a beautiful ridge. Suitable for a beach atmosphere. For you to enjoy the sunshine on the beach and your beach towels.

fyrcracker Personalized Jumbo XL Premium Beach Towel, Super Soft 35 x 70” Cotton/Microfiber, Rainbow Tie-Dye Custom Pool Towel

Towels are soft and can absorb water well. It is made of cotton and microfiber. It is durable and can be used for a long time. It is, therefore, suitable for being a beautiful beach towel because it’s bright colors look not boring. Keep your bag ready. And don’t forget to bring this towel with you.

This beach towel you may give as a gift to your loved ones. Or give as a gift to the people in your family. And people who love the beach, just like you.

The beach towel has a jumbo size. It is very soft and absorbs well. It is made of bright colors and looks eye-catching to those who see this beach towel.

3. INTERESTPRINT Photo Name Tropical Flamingo Beach Towel Blanket – Custom Body Towel for Bath Travel Sports Swim Pool

It is lightweight, absorbs well, and dries quickly. Design your name or text that stands out on this beach towel. It is suitable to be used for the beach, swimming pool or sunbathing. It is perfect for your relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

Photo Name Personalized Microfiber Tropical Pink Flamingo Beach Towel Blanket - Custom Body Towel

This towel is distinctive, modern, and charming. It looks eye-catching to those who see it, when you use it at the beach or the pool, with the colors that look comfortable to its eyes. It is more relaxing on your rest day with this beach towel.

It has a distinctive design but looks simple. Suitable for a gift in various festivals, and give happiness to those who give and receive this beach towel.

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4. MyPhotoSwimsuits Text Name Custom Music Notes Beach/Bath Towel – Personalized towel

This towel absorbs well, dries quickly, and also lightweight. It is suitable for beaches and sunbathing on your comfortable holidays. Design your text or name on this towel for the uniqueness of this beach towel.

Text Name Custom Music Notes Beach/Bath Towel Blanket - Personalized Towel for Yoga Camping Surfing Swimming Gym

It is perfect for your holiday on the beach, along with many fun activities. Add color to the bright beach with this beach towel, And add identity with your text or name on this beach towel. It conveys ownership very well.

Let this towel give you happiness. On a relaxing day on the beach, you may invite friends to have fun on the beach with you and don’t forget to bring this beach towel as well.

Towels made of polyester and cotton. Suitable for use on all day at the beach. Provide enjoyment for your holiday at the beach with this towel.

5. The Wedding Party Store Striped Beach Towel – Pool Vacation Towels – Custom Embroidered

Beach towel by The Wedding Party Store suitable for a gift in various festivals. This customizable beach towels you can customize the name can be embroidered on this towel for your beauty and uniqueness. There are beautiful colors and standing out for this towel.

Monogrammed Striped Beach Towel - Personalized Pool Vacation Towels - Custom Embroidered

For those who like towels that are charming and look simple. Perfect for carrying to the beautiful beach or use by the pool. Don’t forget to invite your friends. Let’s do fun outdoor activities together. For example, having fun activities on the beach or sunbathe. But if you get wet, don’t forget to use this beach towel.

With a simple pattern design but looks beautiful. Especially suitable for people who like towels. That looks simple. But it has the distinction of a beautiful towel.

6. Custom Embroidered Bath Sheet, Pool and Beach Towel

Embroider your name on these towels. It conveys ownership as well. This towel has bright colors and a distinctive look. Suitable for a wonderful gift for your loved ones. It looks enjoyable if you have a unique towel.

Custom Embroidered Bath Sheet, Pool and Beach Towel

It is a perfect towel for people who like the beach and the pool. The design is simple, suitable for people who like simple beach towels. But if you embroider your name or custom text on the towel will make the towel stand out even more. You can show off the custom name on the towel, for people who like beach towels like you.

This towel is large, suitable for the beach or swimming pool, on the bright sunshine, and you can relax with the beach. Don’t forget to bring a towel with you.

7. byLora Customized Polka Dot Cotton Terry Beach Cover Up, Aqua

BY LORA Customized Polka Dot Cotton Terry Beach Cover Up

It is made of cotton. Able to absorb water well. The towels are thick and soft. The name can be embroidered on the towels was beautiful. Suitable as a gift for your loved ones.

This towel is soft to the touch. And it is durable. Suitable for you who like towels that are soft. And it has a nice design. Suitable for bright beaches and beautiful sunlight of the sea.

8. Premium Cotton Beach Towel – Pool Towels – Custom Embroidered Towels – Thick

Premium Personalized Cotton Beach Towel 35

It is made of good quality cotton. Able to absorb water well. For people who like towels that look simple and beautiful. It is suitable for everyone who likes towels made from cotton.

It’s a good and creative way for you to embroider your name on this towel, for the unique and beautiful of your towels.

9. Custom Beach Towel, Bridesmaid Gift, Batchelorette Beach Towels, Bridal Shower Gift, Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor Towels

Custom Beach Towel, Personalized Bridesmaid Gift, Batchelorette Beach Towels

This towel can be a gift for any occasion. Suitable for poolside party activities and fun activities on the beach. The towels are very soft and beautiful designs. You can customize this towel with your name to signify the uniqueness of your own.

Relaxing and fun activities by the pool or on the beach with many people, you should have a beautiful towel with you. And indicate the identity on your towel. With your custom name on the towel, It conveys your uniqueness as well.

10. Personalized Beach Towel with Name, Custom Beach and Bath Towel

Personalized Beach Towel with Name, Daisy Custom Bath Towel Floras Light Blue

Some of our favorite times are those spent by the water. Remember those relaxing moments even more fondly with the comfort of these personalized beach towel. They’re the perfect favor for Christmas gifts, honeymoon gifts, Mother’s day, Father’s day, birthday, summer gifts, Halloween, Thanksgiving.

Beach Towel gives you a brilliant opportunity to impress your family and friends with the vibrant and bright colors, which are included. It’s made material microfiber that’s perfect for use at the beach.

What is Customizable Beach Towel?

Beach lovers are going crazy over these personalized beach towels that come in very creative patterns, colors, and styles. These towels may be embroidered with your name to add a “Uniquely You” touch to it. These customized beach towels tend to leave a lasting impression on people about your distinctive personality. You also don’t have to worry about losing your Towel. You have your name on it!

What You Should Look for in a Beach Towel

If you are looking for good quality beach towels, we have 6 suggestions. To help provide information to you before you choose your favorite beach towel.

  • Durability: With strong and durable beach towels, one can never go wrong to purchase it. It is a good investment for you to secure a beach towel that you can use for a longer time.
  • Size: A beach towel is usually quite bigger than regular bath towels. Make sure to check the appropriate size to avoid getting frustrated by drying yourself with a tiny towel. It must also be big enough to be wrapped around your wrist in case you want to have a little body cover. A bigger size may also be used to layout on the car seat when heading home.
  • Material: Cotton is the best material for towels for its excellent ability to absorb water. Note that you tend to dry yourself multiple times during a swim, and absorbency will help you deal with it. Cotton also dries faster than any other material.
  • Color: make sure to buy towels that are made of yarn-dyed fabric. This way, you can expect the colors and design to last longer and won’t fade with just a few uses. Bright colored towels may also help you be identified by your friend when enjoying in a busy beachfront. Consider also that beach towels spend a lot of time under the sun when drying them.
  • Construction: Beach towels must be constructed with terrycloth, woven in small loops for better absorbency. You can be assured that the towels will last long and be snag-free.
  • Sand Resistance: A fast-drying beach towel would be perfect. One doesn’t want to waste time worrying about sand getting stuck to your Towel.

Benefits of Customizable Beach Towel

Using customize beach towels comes with excellent benefits. These include the following:

  • Durable: Customize beach towels are durable, making it long-lasting. So, you don’t spend more on buying replacements regularly.
  • Great quality: Another advantage of custom beach towels is its excellent quality. You can make it as perfect gifts for your loved ones.
  • Brand promotion: A custom beach towel is also an excellent way to promote your brand. It is a practical way to introduce your brand to the public.
  • Fully customizable: These types of towels are fully customizable. You can choose the color, design, and style of your towel.


Custom beach towels are perfect for regular use. It can offer tremendous benefits making it a good investment for your money. Get your customize beach towels now!