A day at the beach cannot be improvised! You have to think about protecting yourself from the sun’s rays and the little unforeseen events that can sometimes ruin your life. Explains what are essentials to slip into your beach bag for maximum pleasure!

beach bag

Sun protection

Don’t skimp on sunscreen on the beach! The reverberation from sand and sea increases the risk of sunburn. Apply a layer of cream as soon as you arrive on the beach or even before to avoid having sand sticking on your hands. Repeat the operation every two hours and as soon as you get out of the water.

A camera

The camera is ideal for lovers of beautiful landscapes and sunsets who want to immortalize their day at the beach.

A towel

The beach towel is essential to dry yourself off when you get out of the water or to stretch out on the sand. The ideal is to opt for a microfiber towel because it does not retain the sand, dries much faster, and takes up much less space in your bag!

A hat

The hat or cap are valuable allies to protect you from possible sunstroke or reduce the risk of headaches at the end of the day.


Like the hat, sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes (and especially those of children!) And to avoid ophthalmic migraines at the end of the day.

A bottle of water and a snack

On the beach, we are hot, we sweat, and therefore we get dehydrated! Always remember to take a bottle of water in your bag. The ideal is to have a cooler to keep it cool. Also, remember to take something to snack on to avoid cravings and possible loss of consciousness when you bathe.

A swimsuit

Unless you go to a nudist beach, a swimsuit is essential to go to the beach. It is advisable to bring a spare swimsuit for more comfort and to let the other dry faster.

A book or music

A day at the beach can be a bit long, and sometimes it is nice to have a good novel, a magazine, or a little music to entertain you a little.

Some money

Even if it is not safe or reasonable to have a lot of money in your beach bag, always remember to take a small ticket with you for unforeseen events or ice cream cravings, for example!

An emergency kit

Even if you can’t imagine the worst, it is important to provide a small emergency kit for minor injuries. Antibacterial gel, disinfectant, paracetamol are sometimes very useful.