Are you looking for soft and lightweight best oversize beach towels? Do you want to make your entire beach experience convenient and memorable? Then, you came into the right place!

Going to the beach or pool is a highly anticipated activity for most people, especially during hot summer days. After long days of stress at school or work, a dip in the crystal blue ocean is always relaxing.

As summer gets close, many individuals or families plan for vacations and bring various beach essentials such as sunscreen, swimming gear, and sunglasses. But, of course, no one should forget about beach towels.

Speaking of beach towels, Exclusivo Mezcla 100% Cotton Oversized Beach Towels are a perfect companion at the pool or seaside spots. They are well-known for their soft touch and lightweight qualities.

If you want to get more familiar with these beach towels, keep reading!

Exclusivo Mezcla 100% Cotton Beach Towel Overview

Exclusivo Mezcla Beach Towel - Green Beach Towels

This plush beach towel is a perfect choice if you are looking for an attractive and heavy-duty beach towel. It is effective in wiping and drying the body after a swim or shower. It is used to lie down on the sand or cover the body during chilly nights by the beach.

The towel is made from premium-grade terry cotton. It is also used for wiping sand from the body or worn while changing clothes in public areas to ensure privacy.

Interesting Features of Exclusivo Mezcla Beach Towels

Can you imagine going to the pool or beach without a beach towel? If you do no have this beach essential, you will find it hard to ensure an enjoyable, comfortable, and convenient experience.

With Exclusivo Mezcla Oversized Beach Towels, all you can do is enjoy the beach moment and have quality time with your loved ones. They will do their purpose of creating a barrier between you and sand and dry your body very quickly after a shower or swim.

Below are the features of these beach towels you should know:

Maximum Durability, Absorbency, and Softness

These towels are designed to deliver maximum durability, absorbency, and softness, thanks to their 100% cotton terry fabric material.

Classic Cabana Stripe Design

If you are looking for beach towels that come with a classic Cabana stripe design, this Exclusivo Mezcla is an excellent choice for you. In addition, it offers a vibrant, eye-catching green color. So, it’s no surprise why it is easy to notice even on a crowded beach.

Easy Care

These towels are machine washable, and you do not need to take extra effort drying them. However, you need to avoid using fabric softeners to avoid minimizing their absorbency. Then, you ensure to wash them separately before the first used to prevent issues like linting.


Having a high-quality beach towel by your side is an excellent investment, especially if you love going to the pool or beach with your friends and family. Overall, the Exclusivo Mezcla towel is a perfect choice for every beach-goer. The towel should be a critical item for every indoor and outdoor activity due to its beautiful design to quick-drying quality.

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