Towels are a product that we all have at home, but a towel that you use for your daily shower is often not the ideal one to take to the beach.

The basic differences between a beach towel and a bath towel are, for example, the material, the size, and the thickness of the fabrics. Therefore, we recommend that if you want to enjoy your walk to the beach or the pool, you choose a towel that is suitable for it.

In recent years round beach towels have become fashionable because they have a larger surface area. They can better wrap a person coming out of the water.

Large beach towels are a favorite with families because they can be together in one towel with enough space for everyone.

Horizontal Striped Fluffy Beach Towel

Horizontal Striped Fluffy Beach Towel

This is large oversized beach towels have a generous size of 35 x 70 Inches, while its weight is around 1.43 pounds. It is completely made of cotton, which means that it dries the skin very quickly. It washes easily, no lint after wash.

The particular horizontal striped design is excellent and is perfect for the beach, by the pool, or to enjoy relaxing moments with the family on a beach holiday. It can be requested in two different colors, red or dark blue.

The cotton beach towel allows you to relax more than the microfiber one because instead of being thin, it is soft and enveloping. The cotton is very absorbent, so it is a great material to dry off after a refreshing bath. Furthermore, another advantage of cotton is the great ease of care and washing.

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