How to Monogram a Beach Towel

Are you familiar of monograms?

Monogrammed towels are towels, which have been embellished with a monogram that is utilized to determine the main user or users of the towel. Basically, the monogram is made by embroidering the towel. It’s a kind of service offered for a small charge by most department stores. Monograms could be appliqued to the towel as well, or even knitted or woven into the towel.

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But how can you monogram a beach towel? Here’s a quick tip for you:

Let’s say you already have the design. At your sewing machine, here’s what you need to do:

  • Put the hoop on the machine and choose the monogram design you like to embroider.
  • Put the water-soluble stabilizer on the hoop. That will enable the stabilizer to float when the design is being knitted. You can run a basting stich over the area of the hoop to gold the water-soluble stabilizer in place.
  • Stitch the design.
  • Eliminate the hoop from your machine and the towel from the hoop.
  • Get rid of the basting stiches if needed.
  • Cut or tear the stabilizer from the fabric’s back.
  • Wash away the water-soluble stabilizer.
  • Thoroughly trim any jump threads you see.

For a tip, make sure you check along with your machine dealer regarding classes. Most have great education departments and provide an introduction to embroidery courses, not to mention that others have their clubs.

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You see, monogramming is an excellent beginner project as the designs are extremely easy, and you will find only a few thread changes. Take the time to read through the manual’s machine if you are new to monogramming. Take note that you must learn the steps for proper machine stitching, hopping, and set-up first.

There you have it! We hope you can now monogram your own beach towel.

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