Beach Towel Guide: Choosing the Right GSM

Another important quality characteristic of a beach towel is its weight. An average beach towel weighs around 300-900 grams per square meter, or grams per square meter (GSM).

Beach towels come in many forms of color, design, material, and purpose. They are more than a beach accessory: they are essential. A bath towel will not provide the same function as a beach towel since beach towels must be large enough to act as a person’s barrier from the hot sand (Read also: How big is an oversized beach towel?) while folded towels should be thin and light enough to fit inside a travel bag. Now, regarding big beach towels: how much does a typical beach towel weigh?

The manufacturing industry measures beach towels and even bath towels by GSM or grams per square meter. It measures the towel’s density by the weight of its woven fabric in a square meter, as well as the towel’s thickness. So, the lower the number, the thinner the towel and the lighter it weighs.

Beach Towel Guide: Choosing the Right GSM

The GSM of beach towels varies. It can range between 300 GSM and 900 GSM. Here are the categories beach towel may qualify.

  • 300 – 400 GSM: beach towels of this range are the lightest and thinnest, a good choice to pack for travels. However, durability may be an issue. Different fabric materials have different durability, so along with a low GSM, towels of this area may not last long after successive use and wash.
  • 400 – 600 GSM: a medium-range common for beach towels. Compared to above, towels here are heavier and thicker, though still vary in absorbency and drying time.
  • 600-900 GSM: the heaviest and thickest towels fall here. They are also known as luxurious towels or premium ones. However, while bath towels benefit from this, beach towels may not because this would mean they take more time to absorb water and dry off.

Top Picks

Laguna Beach Textile – Soft Turkish Fouta Beach Towel, 400 GSM

COTTON CRAFT – Terry Beach Towel, 400 GSM

Welhome Cabana Beach Towel, 450 GSM

Arkwright Oversized Extra Thick Beach Towel, 600 GSM

Laguna Beach Textile – Striped Cabana Beach Towel, 630 GSM

A typical beach towel is around 350 GSM, but its quality is affected by the material it’s made from. Cotton based beach towels are a great choice. Therefore, next time you shop for beach towels, take time to consider its fabric, softness, and weight. It will you time from washing, packing, and folding towels.