How Do you Fold a Perfect Large Beach Towel

When it comes to folding extra large beach towels, there are several ways you can try. However, whether it is for storage or display purposes, the steps are very easy. You can even teach these steps to your kids. If you still do not master the art of folding large beach towels, this post is for you.

Every summer escapade is incomplete without a large beach towel while your toes are comfortably dipped into the sand. Compared to normal bath towels, beach towels are bigger, making them ideal when you are going out of the pool or beach water. However, it’s a pain if you fail, folding them to fit on the shelf.

The next time you fold your beach towels, you will see how neat and tidy your linen closet is with the following steps.

1. Lay Down the Beach Towel

On a flat surface, place your large beach towel. Make sure that it is in the front-side down position.

2. Fold It Into 1/3

Fold your beach towel into thirds. Ensure that it is length-wise.

3. Fold It in Half

Next is to fold the beach towel’s long strip in half. You can do it by carefully bringing its short edges together.

4. Repeat

Finally, simply repeat the steps above. You do not have to get frustrated every time you use your beach towels and store them in the closet when not in use.

Final Thoughts

Beach towels are among the essentials when having a pool or beach activities. From kids to the elderly, these towels are must-haves. No matter the weight of towels is, there are right ways on how you can fold them and keep your things well-organized.
With the above tips, no need to worry the next time you use your favorite beach towel.

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