We will show you how to personalize your towels for Christmas. At this time of year, many people like that every space in the home is infused with the Christmas spirit. Learn about the various alternatives that exist to give a personal touch to your towel below.

Why customized your towels?

The customization of the towels is something that is far from being a whimsical element. These are a vital item that you use in your day today. They are as personal a piece as soap or toothbrush.

Shared towel use could facilitate the transmission of disease, fungal growth, and skin diseases. In addition, you should try to keep them clean as much as possible. Hang them out after use to dry well, etc. To avoid the above, it is essential to know the methods to eliminate mites and bacteria from your towels.

The best way to avoid someone else taking your towel or any confusion is by identifying it with your name. Or maybe with a logo that you like or something that identifies you.

As always, you like to have options in addition to the normal customization. At Christmas, you can use different ways so that you and each member of your family have their own towel.

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At this time of year, there are various reasons with which you can differentiate your towels from others. We offer a customization service with excellent designs. It also works with large corporate logos so that you can give gifts to the members of your company.

Using towels with your colors or aspects that reflect part of your personality generates emotional well-being in the person who has no comparison. So, in addition to keeping your cloth away from other people’s diseases, it will also generate well-being.

It is important to do this to minimize confusion or get lost in the gym or the beach, places that are usually very crowded.

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Bring out your Christmas side to personalize your towels for Christmas.

Most people tend to forget about towels when decorating the home for Christmas. There are many ideas that you can apply. In addition, one of the easiest ways to add a Christmas touch to your spaces is through textiles.

Not that you have to have a towel with period-specific drawings. You can play with your creativity and use the specific colors of this era: green, red, white, silver, and gold. By placing the towels with these shades, you are already welcoming Christmas.

But it is always a better idea to personalize these pieces of the home. Among the ideas that we can propose are Christmas figures, Saint Nicholas, snowmen, decorated candles, trees, stars, etc. Everything will depend on your tastes.

The materials most used for these activities are usually cotton and linen towels; however, these usually take a little longer to dry. It is best to use terry cotton or microfiber terry cloth.

Personalized towels are one of the most appropriate gifts for the family at Christmas time. Many appreciate getting some detail under the tree on Christmas Eve and a towel; it is an excellent option.

Ideas for decoration

  • Cross stitch: if you have virtues for DIY, you can find your favorite Christmas doll and give your towels that personal touch.
  • Plaid fabric: this is ideal for you to make embroidery on your towel and enhance the colors of it. You can complement them with lace. It is used, above all, when you want to make a broader embroidery across the width of the towel.
  • Ribbon embroidery: you can use a fabulous cloth that has illustrations of Christmas flowers, stars, or little trees. This can be used both to personalize your towel and to decorate the bathroom.
  • Use the whole towel: the towels themselves are fabric; with them, you can let your imagination fly. With a completely redone, you can simulate a Santa Claus suit, just by placing a belt with black fabric or felt and an edge with white fabric. In general, red or green towels or towels will give a distinguished image to your Christmas decorations in the bathroom.
  • Christmas typography: on the Internet, you can find which fonts are best suited to this time of year and have your name placed on your favorite towel. All of this will depend on your tastes and creativity.

Now, if with your towels you want to give a more Christmas touch to the bathroom, you can bet on patterns such as Santa Claus, snowmen, flowers, etc.

The Christmas decoration catalogs will be the best place to capture ideas, and you can select the one you like the most to decorate and personalize your towels with a Christmas touch.

Don’t forget the mat

This is usually one of the elements that are neglected in the Christmas decoration. But you can take advantage of the bathroom mat to make your bathroom more Christmas.

You wash the mat that you used during the year and put a new one with Christmas motifs. You can use the representative colors of Christmas: red, white, green, gold and silver. You can also have them stamped with your favorite Christmas motifs.

Remember that the bathroom mat should be washed at least every three days. In the case of the Christmas season, when there is higher humidity in the environment, it is best to wash them every two days and keep them as dry as possible. This to prevent the proliferation of fungi, mites, and bacteria.