The cold begins, and it was time to change the closet. Before storing all the accessories for the summer season, let us tell you how to use beach towels in winter. We bring advice not only for the home but for companies that use large beach towels in their promotions.

Beach towel in winter

The possibility of giving different uses to towels is what allows you to take advantage of beach towels in autumn and winter.

Here are some of the options you have for family and home.

As a Blanket for the Cold

This is perhaps the most obvious option for using pretty beach towels. If we like them so much, why hide them in the closet when you can show them off at home? On those cold days when you lie on the sofa, alone or in the company of family and friends, a cloth can help you combat the low temperatures.

The ideal ones are beach towels because, thanks to their size, you can cover most of the body. You can even tuck everything in if they’re bigger than average.

If you go on a trip, you can also wrap yourself with them in the car, train, or bus. Blankets are usually heavy, so with a towel, you would be saving space and weight in your luggage.

To Play with the Family

This tip is especially for families with young children. During the fall and winter, they will spend a lot of time together indoors. To combat boredom and get out of the routine, you can share some games. And yes, towels can help you.

With some family beach towels, you can put together Indian huts. So the little ones will have their own camp at home. You can also pitch a tent to “camp” with them in the living room.

DIY Projects

Are you one of those people who prefer to renew towels frequently? Do you like home projects? If you have some beach towels that you no longer want to use, you don’t have to get rid of them.

Take advantage of these months to do some DIY projects (Do It Yourself). The size and thickness of the beach towels will be in your favor because they are easy to cut and sew.

You can use them to create some new covers for the sofa. With these you protect the original material, renew the furniture and give another to the cloths. If your thing is not upholstering the furniture seats, you can make some cushions to complement the decoration.

If you have pets, they can also benefit from used towels. A new bed or a cover for the one you already have is a good gift for your four-legged friends. Or you can also create a new blanket to protect it from the cold.

Take It On Your Winter Vacation To The Beach

It may sound strange, but there are those who like to vacation in the coastal areas during the winter. And the reasons are many. It is cheaper as it is low season, there are fewer people around, the atmosphere, in general, is different from what we are used to.

The sea looks different, you can take good photos with the light conditions, and you expose yourself less to the sun’s rays. The water will be very cold, yes, but you do not have to bathe. You can enjoy the view sitting on the sand, on your towel, and wrap yourself with another.

Some more daring enjoy water sports in winter because at this time the conditions can be favorable. While they are in the water, they have special suits, but when they go out, they need to dry off before the low temperatures affect them.

Winter Promotions with Beach Towels

Are you in charge of a company and are you thinking about promotions for next winter? You can also use these towels. Although for some businesses they are more functional than in others, with some creativity you can do a good promotion.

You can give beach towels to your staff as an incentive or as a reward for an achievement. They probably won’t use them right away, but that will get them thinking about their next vacation. There are companies that reward the effort with trips, announcing the winner in an original way by handing him a cloth.

The advantage is that if you give a towel with your logo or slogan on it when they use it, everyone around them will see the name of your company. You will be investing in advertising for the long term.

During winter, many people seek to escape the cold to a warmer or tropical destination. If you have a travel agency, you can give a beach towel to those who buy tickets.

The idea of these incentives is to stay in the minds of customers or prospects. At the same time, you gain visibility because your company will be visible to everyone. Choose an original design and digitally print it on a microfiber towel. The result could bring you many benefits.

For companies that are more active during the summer, it is also possible to promote themselves in this way. Even if you are inactive in winter, you should not let people forget you. You can participate in fairs or exhibition halls to make yourself known. And to those who visit your stand, thank them with a towel to take home.

Protect Towels

As you will see, the fact of being in the coldest months of the year does not mean that you will no longer use beach towels. But if you prefer to keep them, remember to wash them well with a little fabric softener. Let them dry completely and put them in a plastic bag. So they will be protected and ready to use next year.