Promote Your Business with Personalized Towels

From Personalized Towels, we love to offer you the best options when it comes to this product, and today we would love to give you some wonderful ideas to promote your brand with personalized towels. Discover together with us all the great benefits of making this important advertising move, which will surely enhance the image of your business. Read on for more information on what your options are, our tips, and helpful recommendations. You won’t regret it!

Towels, an excellent promotional material

When it comes to marketing, it is always good to devise a strategy that will please your customers, employees and simultaneously achieves fulfill all conditions to ensure a good promotion of your brand within the specific audience that you want to reach. This includes the dissemination of your brand through logos, advertising pieces, messages, images, etc.

When it comes to personalized towels, you have found an excellent ally for your campaigns: a useful product, which no one would reject, which can be completely modified to suit you, and very versatile for any of your purposes.

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Ideas to promote brands with personalized towels

Although it sounds like any household accessory, the truth is that it makes an excellent corporate gift, promotional material, or seasonal gift, and every business should be interested in studying it as such for the growth of its brand. Meet some of the items that should undoubtedly consider it for their repertoire:

Everything related to sports

Gyms, equipment, specialized stores, and others, anyone has a high chance that their audience really needs a towel since it is an ideal accessory for sports, and if it comes personalized with the image of your business, even better!

Premises near the beach

If your business is located in a coastal city or very close to the beach, summer will be the ideal time to market or give away these accessories that no one would fail to take on walks and stretch out on the sand, displaying your brand at the same time.

Cosmetic and/or beauty treatment services

Towels are a great promotional item when it comes to spas and salons. Best of all, they don’t have to be oversized to satisfy your customers, making your budget work a lot.


Since time immemorial, these types of businesses have used lingerie in their rooms to embody the logo of their brand. This not only fulfills a practical function for security measures, but it is also an excellent way to promote the place, making the name stay in the minds of users.

Bars, cafes, and other consumer businesses

You probably know the importance of hygiene in your business; right after a customer leaves, the first thing to do is clean the surface to welcome a new audience. That being said, have you thought about making small custom microfiber towels just for this purpose? People probably associate it with the good time they have had at your store, and then they may even want to buy it.

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What are the options when choosing a customization technique?

In Personalized Towels, we have a wide variety of alternatives if or you want to translate your brand into a quality piece. You even have the option to choose the size, weight, type of manufacture, and material, and we take care of the rest! But if you are still wondering how you could place your image on these accessories, let us give you an idea of ​​what we offer:

  • Embroidery. It can be done on cotton or microfiber towels and makes the perfect technique for logos, simple shapes, and/or short messages.
  • Stamping. It offers you a quality print on cotton or microfiber towels, having a little more graphic freedom, in a single color.
  • Digital stamping. Did you know that we can print high-quality images on your microfiber towels? Choose between a full or partial scope of the part, and we will do the job to perfection. Perfect for capturing advertising pieces or photographs for personal purposes.
  • Textile screen printing transfer. It is made in microfiber towels, having the quality that it offers a very neat and durable finish in simple shapes.
  • Digital printing with textile vinyl. Combine the durability of screen printing with greater graphic freedom, and you’ve got this finish. Perfect for vector printing as logos or design elements on microfiber towels.
  • Thermo-engraving or hot stamping. Discreet and stylish customization, perfect for hotels, salons, or spas.
  • Two-tone jacquard. Combine threads of two different contrasting colors to create bicolor pieces, unique and ideal for simple advertising pieces, with logo and basic information.
  • Jacquard in relief. It provides an extremely discreet but equally remarkable effect, where you can play with textures to promote your brand through a logo, your company name, or a message.

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