A faded, lifeless towel and flashy items are not the best gifts for a child. Do not be discouraged! If you comply with the other points and have fabric and materials of optimal manufacturing, quality, and the appropriate dimensions, there are ways to personalize and highlight the swimwear.

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The different techniques of screen printing, fabric, and printing will help you to carry out the procedure. Seek specialized help to obtain a professional result adaptable to the child’s personality. Customizing from scratch has that advantage: you can adapt the garment completely to the little one. If he likes cats, dinosaurs, an animated series character, bears, mermaids, cars, or a specific color, create a unique towel for him or her! Don’t forget to include their name somewhere.

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The treatment should not affect or damage the type of fabric chosen previously, so it is important to have professional help. When it comes to choosing colors, we recommend choosing soft tones such as blue, pink, pastel green, or soft yellows.

Each color has different influences on the child’s emotions, the power to calm and reassure (blue), to stimulate the brain and physical activity (yellow), to lead to general relaxation (green), or to activate creativity (pink).

With these three elements, you are ready to choose and personalize children’s towels and make a unique gift for a large part of their life.

Take care of the children’s towels

To give more durability to children’s clothes, take these washing tips into account.

  • If you include other fabrics for the decoration and customization of the towel, these could come off or suffer damage after a few washes. Check that they look well at the material of the garment.
  • Use soaps and products for washing children’s clothes so that no detergents and chemicals have an effect on their skin.
  • Look on the label for the recommended temperature for washing the towel fabric.
  • Dry and store towels properly to avoid damage.