Patio, pool, and beach: enjoy the sun! Each towel clip is perfect for summer days and can also be used when you are on vacation. Take them on a cruise and use them with your easy chair.

O2COOL Margarita BocaClips, Beach Towel Holders, Portable Towel Clips


  • Plastic material.
  • Made of durable plastic, it is lightweight but works well.
  • Not easy to break and resistant to aging.
  • Margarita BocaClips are effective in preventing towels from flying off. Suitable for travel, beach, indoor, and outdoor hanging items.

Multipurpose – Chair clips for beach towels are useful for other household items. Use them to close snacks and other bags. The clips can also be used to hang wet clothing and swimwear. Keeps Towels Safe – Hold the beach towel in place with the help of clips. Beach towel clips keep the towel secured to your beach chair, lawn chair, or lounger.

Design that is sturdy yet lightweight keeps towels secure and in place. These chair clips are made of plastic that resists breakage.

These brightly colored plastic towel clips hooks are made of plastic. Multiple uses so you can take them to the pool, on the beach, use them on your terrace or patio. Strong beach towel clips, good sturdy clip, durable to hold on windy days. Margarita BocaClips will make you and your family smile.

STYLE AND DESIGN Use them to close your summer bag, secure your towel to your chair, or use them to hang your bathing suit until dry. Be creative!.

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The strong towel clip provides locking force to firmly secure your towel to the frame of most beach chairs or lounge chairs. These beach towel clips are ideal for holding the towel and clothes to prevent them from falling off the hanger on a windy day.

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