benefits of microfiber beach towels

Choosing a microfiber beach towel is an exciting matter. With various features that are suitable for many people. Like the beach. It, therefore, responds well to your needs.

6 Benefits of microfiber beach towels

Microfiber beach towels have become fashionable. And not simply for a mere aesthetic question, which also, but because they offer multiple advantages.

In this post, we are going to tell you about some advantages of microfiber beach towels for going to the beach.

But we will also count some of its benefits in the domestic sphere. So do not miss the following lines because they will be interesting for you. Let’s go there.

But what is microfiber?

But first of all, we are going to tell you some characteristics of microfiber.

We are talking about a very fine last-generation textile fabric. They are made of polyester and polyamide—specifically, 80 percent of the first and 20 percent of the second.

They are fibers even three times finer than cotton and two times finer than silk. They are so thin that you could only see them with a powerful microscope. All this is possible, thanks to the constant research that exists in the textile sector.

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Benefits of microfiber beach towels

We are going with some of its great benefits after having told you what microfiber is.

1. Absorption capacity

The characteristics of this fiber make its absorption capacity up to eight times higher than its weight.

We can say that it is the fastest drying fiber.

That is why it is so convenient to have them on the beach or in the pools. Because you are dry with it and in a very short time they are perfect for a new use.

Of course, this is their great feature for which they are already considered the quintessential summer towels.

2. Very soft

They are the softest on the market, and the reason is that their strands are up to ten times finer than human hair, so, as you hear it.

This is why they are so soft. Of course much more than traditional terry cloth.

3. Antibacterial

The innovative textile processes have achieved microfiber beach towels with powerful antibacterial properties, making it the best guarantee that the garment does not accumulate any type of bacteria.

In this way, guarantee your health and that of yours, especially when we are talking about beach towels that are outdoors for a long time exposed to all kinds of dirt.

4. Antiallergic

They have an anti-allergy treatment that does not release lint and is, therefore, the most suitable fiber for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

These allergy treatments make microfiber beach towels the most suitable for children who, by the way, are the ones who use beach towels the longest.

In this sense, we can also say that they are the best to avoid any type of complication in older people.

One thing that will surely make you happy. As they carry these treatments, nothing happens if you put them in the washing machine along with other clothes, even if they have been used in beaches and swimming pools.

5. Easy to transport

Another thing that comes in handy. And not only to put them in your beach bag but for any other circumstance. They take up much less volume than cotton or other natural fiber beach towels.

Of course, these types of microfiber beach towels are great to carry in your suitcase when you go on vacation.

6. They are deformable and resistant

When we buy any item, what we want is that they last us in time that our purchase has an ideal value for money.

Thanks to their composition, they are non-deformable and maintain their shape in the face of temperature changes.

Therefore, the heat of the summer months cannot cope with them, prolonging their useful life. Another thing. They are very resistant to humidity.

They do not wear out with the continuous washing that the towels need. It’s more. You can wash them at high temperatures, even over 90 degrees.

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Other uses for microfiber towels

With all the advantages that we have told you in the previous paragraphs, you will already have an idea of ​​why microfiber beach towels are the best to face a good summer.

But microfiber towels, in general, can and should be used in other cases as well:

  • Hygiene functions at home
  • As a bath or shower towel
  • To care and dry hair
  • Ideal for athletes
  • The best for your children to take to their extracurricular sports activities
  • They are also used for cleaning windows or other household items

Microfiber Beach Towel Designs

Of course, in addition to taking into account all these advantages, you are also looking for a design that suits your personality.

In this sense, you should not worry at all because thanks to these textile processes that we have been discussing, they admit all kinds of dyeing, and you can choose between multiple prints.

It’s more. We are sure that you will even find a beach towel that will look like it has been personalized for you.

In summary, Microfiber beach towels are an option to consider during the summer. For the beach and for the pool to take care of the skin and health of yours. Its main feature is it is quick-drying.