Microfibre Beach Towels

Microfibre beach towels are made from extremely thin fibre, so you find no hassle bringing them on your trips. These towels are known to provide durability and absorbency.

Microfibre used to produce these beach towels are crafted from synthetic materials like polyamide or polyester. These fibers were woven together to create absorbent beach towels. Compared to cotton beach towels, these towels tend to dry quicker.

microfiber quick dry beach towel

The microfiber towel is recognized for its remarkable ability to avoid any residual moisture. At the same time, it, therefore, eliminates bacteria and odors. It is indeed an ultra-absorbent and pleasant to the touch accessory that allows you to dry quickly. I myself use this type of towel, which in my opinion, is essential for camping, the beach, sport but also for traveling light.

So whether you are looking for a sports towel or just a bath towel, the microfiber one is the best option. You will inevitably be faced with a variety of variations on the market. This is why I will help you to decide for good by presenting in this guide all the information and the models of microfiber towels that stand out.

List of 15 Best Microfibre Beach Towels

Let’s see how the top 15 great microfiber beach towels. Is there anything suitable for you? Invite you to consider as you like.

1. Bright Beach 4-Pack Beach Towel

Bright Beach 4 Pack Huge 78x36 Microfiber Beach Towels for Travel XXL | Quick Dry Sand Free Swim Towel

These beach towels are stylish, eye-catching, and lightweight. Not only that, they are quick-drying, super absorbent, and sand-resistant. You can use the included zipper bag to hold your used towels after a swim or having fun in the sun.

Pros: Quick-drying, Lightweight with stylish stripes design, Perfect for the whole family

Cons: Not overly soft

2. Dock & Bay Beach Towel

Every traveler would love this beach towel since you can have it anywhere you go without worrying about the space in the bag. It absorbs moisture quickly, and you’ll find the stylish retro cabana design interesting.

Pros: Eye-catching color, Comes with a travel pouch, Sand-resistant

Cons: Not large enough

3. Venture 4th Oversize Microfiber Beach Towel

 VENTURE 4TH Oversize XL Microfiber Beach Towel 78x35” for Pool, Swim, Shower, Travel. Lightweight, Quick Dry, Sand Free

This beautifully designed beach towel comes with a generous size that is perfect for picnicking and covering up. You can also use it as a bath for sunbathing.

Pros: Great gift idea, Easy to care, Lightweight and fashionable design

Cons: See-through

4. AVAWAWA Beach Towel

AVAWAVA Microfiber Beach Towel for Travel - XL 6 feet 6 inches, Sand Free

Through the beach towel’s beautiful hand-drawn design, you can stay dry and comfortable throughout beach experience while being on style. Being a sand-free towel, it can keep your bag clean.

Pros: Saves space, Dries too fast, Great for outdoor recreation

Cons: Feels hard or stiff

5. YOTRIM Beach Towel

YOTRIM Microfiber Beach Towels for Travel - Quick Dry & Lightweight Towel for Swimmers - Sand Free Towel

This lightweight beach towel is great for any adventure. With its stylish Hawaiian flower prints, you’ll have a towel that never goes out of style.

Pros: Super absorbent and dries very fast, Lint-free, Very soft on the skin

Cons: Not regular sized

6. Your Choice 2-Pack Microfiber Beach Towel

Your Choice Microfiber Beach Towel for Travel - Extra Large 67x35

Every time you go on a trip, make sure to bring this towel because it is easy to stuff into your bag or luggage. Besides, you can use it as a workout or fitness towel.

Pros: Space-saving and ultra-compact, Super absorbent, Quick dry

Cons: Not very ideal for drying hair

7. Live Sandy Microfiber Beach Towel

This beach towel is designed to deliver wonderful colors to much the summer vibe. Apart from your beach adventure, you can also use it on other outdoor recreations.

Pros: Fast drying and sand-free, Lightweight and fashionable, Very compact

Cons: A bit expensive

8. Flush Decker Quick-Dry Beach Towel

Flush Decker Oversized 35 inch X 78 inch XXL 100% Microfiber Quick-Dry, Sand Free Stripe Cabana Beach Towel Sky Blue

This beach towel features hydrophilic nano fractures to ensure fast drying. If you are looking for an oversized, super absorbent, and stylish towel, this one suits you best.

Pros: Polyester blend, Sand-resistant, Excellent for travel

Cons: A little heavy

9. TwoYek Mandala Oversized Microfiber Beach Towel

Mandala Oversized Microfiber Beach Towel-Quick Dry Super Absorbent Lightweight Thin Sand Free Towels

If you want to own an eco-friendly beach towel, you can consider this Mandala designed beach towel. Besides, it is stylish and sand-free, making it perfect for a beach companion.

Pros: Super soft and lightweight, Compact and fast dry, Very stylish

Cons: Thin as a pillowcase

10. Easthills Outdoors Microfiber 3 Pack Beach Towels

Easthills Outdoors Microfiber 3 Pack Beach Towels - Quick Dry Travel Towel Men and Women

As a travel-ready beach essential, these beach towels dry in a few minutes. With combined seaside-inspired designs and spa-like softness, never go on a trip without them.

Pros: Sand-free, Rapid drying, Vibrant designs

Cons: Not super absorbent

11. WildHorn Outfitters Akumal Beach Towel

Akumal Microfiber Beach Towel. Quick dry travel towel, ultra compact, extra absorbent and XL size

This beach towel can your ultimate addition to your beach essentials. It delivers great convenience of drying a towel in just a matter of a few minutes.

Pros: Compact and quick-drying, Very absorbent, Stylish and high quality

Cons: Not overly soft

12. Lelife Microfiber Beach Towels

Lelife Microfiber Beach Towels (Extra Large 35

A perfect companion for beach, backpacking, swimming, or camping, these beach towels will not disappoint you. Besides, they come in lively, vibrant colors.

Pros: Absorbent and quick-drying, Lightweight, Perfect gift idea

Cons: Colors fade quickly

13. DARCHEN Beach Towels

DARCHEN Microfiber Beach Towels Oversize Quick Dry Towel [1 or 4 Pack] - Travel Beach Towel for Swimming Pool

To enjoy the beach even better, use these towels to shake off sands easily. No need for you to worry about the size or space of your bag, you can effortlessly stuff them.

Pros: Perfect for different outdoor recreations, Dries 5x faster than cotton towels, Includes a travel accessory bag.

Cons: Very thin

14. Super Maneuver Microfiber Beach Towel

Super Maneuver Microfiber Beach Towel & Bag. Lightweight, Compact & Quick-Dry

Compared to traditional beach towels, this one requires less water and power to wash. You can choose from various designs that suit your style and preference.

Pros: Attaches to anything, Quick-drying and absorbent, Vibrant colors

Cons: Needs to be printed on both sides

15. Elite Trend Beach Towel

Microfiber Beach Towel for Travel - Oversized XL - Quick Drying, Lightweight, Fast Dry Towels, Sand Free

This microfibre beach towel is loved by men, women, and even kids. It is two sides printed and very soft to the skin, so you have nothing to worry about if you have sensitive skin.

Pros: Strong and extra light, Stylish and high quality, Eye-catching and super absorbent

Cons: Little heavier when wet

Benefits of Buying Microfiber Beach Towels

For your upcoming beach vacation, do not forget to buy microfibre beach towels to experience the following benefits:

  • Dries Quickly: Quick-drying beach towels allow you to be always ready to enjoy the water any time you want. Microfiber towels appeared a few years ago and have many benefits for swimmers. They are certainly less soft, but they are lighter, less bulky, and dry in record time!
  • Great Reusability: These beach towels suffer less form washing, so you can expect for long-lasting use.
  • Super Absorbent: beach towels can effectively deal with spills.
  • Light: Microfiber is less heavy than the textiles commonly used in traditional towels, so your luggage will be lighter.

What to Look for In Microfiber Beach Towels

For a smart beach towel buying decision, you can consider the following factors:


A beach towel should be thin enough to dry itself as quickly as possible.


This factor is essential to ensure that your towel is perfect for beach use, where you can sit on or lay down on it.


Your beach towel should be large enough to support all your needs while on a trip. You will notice that most microfiber towels are available in different sizes. Choose a model that matches the use for which it is intended and the person who will use it (adult or child).

This is also an important part of purchasing an item. If you have a fairly large suitcase, the dimensions of your beach accessory can vary from one number to another. A specimen of a reasonable size is still useful. And that also works for children. Indeed, you must remember that your kids will catch a cold once they are out of the water. The towel will be used to keep them warm.

When you go to the beach or the pool, above all, what you are looking for is comfort. A fact that leads us to understand that the dimensions of the towel are essential. More than anything because it is about being able to lie down without having to worry about space. Hence, if a towel is large, from our point of view, it has a lot of ground gained.

You can find microfiber towels in different sizes, so it is your decision to choose the one that best suits your needs. In this sense, if you are looking for a towel to take with you on the beach, it is important to consider its size, as well as the space available in your luggage.


beach towels come in the varying price ranges. So, make sure to choose those that suit your budget. An inexpensive proposition manifests its limits after some time of use. Thus, we encourage you to refer to a price comparison to find what is best. The best brand of beach towels is sure to make this list.

Resistance to sand

Your beach towel will basically be exposed to sand, so it has to withstand the damaging effect of sand. Apart from that, they also need to resist odor and stain.

Absorption capacity and quick-drying

This criterion determines the effectiveness and speed of drying of the microfiber towel. You need to be sure that the towel offers quick-drying compared to conventional towels. Some models can absorb the equivalent of three times or even four times their weight.

The antibacterial character

This type of microfiber towel allows you to keep a towel cool even after use. This will prevent you from having to store a wet accessory. This is because a wet towel will not only promote mold growth but will also spread a bad smell through your belongings.


In terms of style, we can also focus on the colors and prints of the product. These details give charm to the element. Between the nuances and the multiple tones existing on the market, consumers are spoiled for choice. It can vary from darker to lightest. Often these points are associated with the nature of the gender: a man or a woman. In addition, the printed matter manifests itself in thousands of copies. It’s up to you to find which ones best match your personality and your expectations. The reasons play a major role in the choice of an article. This is why there are also several color variations on the market on a single product.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Microfiber Beach Towels?

The best feature that it should have to depend on your use, but in reality, a good microfiber towel should be prepared for everything, and for most users, the best thing is that it dries in a short time, is comfortable, portable, and does not retain bad odors.

This is enough for many. However, your requirements may be different.

Beach Towels that Repel Sand do They Exist?

As much as many of us are loyal lovers of spending our summers on the beach, this does not mean that we should also take all the sand that we touch home. That is why the idea that there are beach towels that repel the famous sand is more than ideal.

The answer is that they do exist, and although they are not made from a type of intelligent material, capable of eliminating sand, they are made with different types of fabrics that maintain the primary function of a towel, to be able to cover ourselves with them, dry ourselves and lie down, but without having to be bathed in the sand in a jiffy.

To know more: Do sand free beach towels work?

What is the Difference Between Soft Fiber and Microfiber Towels?

Knowing the existence of the two materials, many doubt about which is the best.

Actually, the two textiles are quite similar, with similar properties and benefits. The small differences are in how they feel. For their part, the soft fiber ones are soft and smooth, while the microfiber is more like a normal towel, so it’s easy to get used to it.

The Designs of Microfiber Beach Towels

Of course, in addition to taking into account all these advantages, you are also looking for a design that goes according to your personality.

In this sense, you should not worry at all because, thanks to these textile processes that we have been discussing, they allow all types of dyeing, and you can choose between multiple patterns.

It’s more. We are sure that you will even find a beach towel that you think has been personalized for you.

How to Choose a Good Microfiber Towel

In order to help you determine how to buy a better value microfiber towel, we are going to tell you about the features of that product. Our advice revolves around the criteria to consider in order to select the right model when making an investment. The parameters to be taken into account mainly include type, quality, and storage.

The Type

The type is on the list of criteria for choosing that we will cover in this buying guide for the best microfiber towels. The use of this accessory is varied. It changes from user to user. Because of this, a random selection may lead you to an item that does not meet your needs.

For use after bathing, you should focus on the bath sheets during your selection. They are the perfect size to dry your entire body in good condition before you get dressed. When in the pool or at the beach, use an item of reasonable size. Indeed, it is necessary to make a difference between the size of the transport and the space it offers to dry you properly. Choose a spacious beach towel if you want to sunbathe on it without touching the sand.

Also, consider who the towel is intended for. For children, no need to buy a model whose dimensions are equal to those of adults. This is valid whether for the bath, the beach, or the pool. In addition, there are products that have been designed for the face, to remove sweat or for the hair only. The last type can have a fastening system like a button or a rubber band.

The Quality

Appreciated by a large number of people, microfiber performs well in comparison to the varieties of materials that can make up a towel. However, this does not mean that all models that appear in a price comparison are of excellent quality. Check this point to enjoy the comfortable use of this product.

When you want to invest in the purchase of this accessory, find out about its absorption capacity. It should be more than a normal towel can provide. A simple pat should be enough to remove the moisture from your body after your bath. This equipment can also dry in no time on some models so that you don’t quickly form a smell when you put them away. There are even some that have an antibacterial property so that you don’t have to deal with this situation.

Tidying Up

One of the questions you may have when looking to purchase this product is where to buy a new microfiber towel. However, this aspect should only grab your attention after checking another feature: storage. This setting allows you to adapt this product to your intended use.

Some microfiber towels are thin and light despite the importance of their absorption capacity. These are the models for you if you travel often or plan to hit the pool and the beach every now and then. An article like this takes up little space, even if it is a bath towel or a beach towel. Once rolled up, it becomes compact. There are products that come with a case for easy storage.

Our Verdict

For us, there are two towels that gather everything we may need. On the one hand, we have a pack of four towels. With a really attractive price, the whole family can have a traditional towel that covers all the needs

How to Use a Microfiber Towels

A microfiber towel is a new model of towel that has a special feature: it has a high absorption capacity. However, it is important to know how to use it in order to make it last for several years. It is precisely to help you with this subject that we have prepared the few lines below.

Learn About the Product Features

The microfiber towel is a bit different from the towels you have been used to using before. What allows it to absorb moisture very quickly is its material. But this material also has its specificities. In order to know how to maintain the effectiveness of this material, the best thing to do would be to read its label. It contains all the information concerning the handling and maintenance of the microfiber towel.

Wash Before First Use

After you have read the information related to your towel, move on to using it. This first involves washing. Indeed, washing your microfiber towel before the first use will already prepare it for subsequent uses and free it from particles that may have clung to it. While washing, do not mix it with other clothes and do not add fabric softener to the solution.

Use it For the Areas of Intervention Mentioned

The sizes and areas of intervention of the towels vary depending on the model you have purchased. Follow these instructions for a consistently satisfactory result. It should be noted that the microfiber towels allow the hair to dry quickly. But models also exist for the body. The main thing is to separate the towels for these two areas. It’s a question of hygiene. This is because products used on the hair can harm your skin if they are not rinsed properly.

Clean Your Towel Properly

After you have used it to dry your skin or hair, consider cleaning it so that it is ready for future uses. In this sense, wash it separately in the machine or by hand. The easiest way is to wash by hand, as all you need to do is soak the towel a few minutes before swirling it in the water for it to get rid of its dirt. In addition, the water temperature must not exceed 40 ° C.

Choose the Best Drying Option

After washing the towel, you need to dry it before you can use it again. Compared to this, you have two options: tumble dry or let it air dry. Ideally, opt for air drying. This will prevent particles inside the dryers from clinging to the material. It will also extend the life of your towel. In case you still want to use a dryer, set it to delicate mode.

Straighten the Fibers of Your Towel

Once your towel is completely dry, you will notice that its fibers have flattened out and appeared stiff. This does not mean that your towel is already damaged. This is its normal state after each drying. Now it is a question of straightening them. To do this, lightly rub the entire surface with the palm of your hand. You will see that they will straighten up and soften up.

Everyone has their own way of using this product, but if you want another perspective of use, we will leave you a list of steps to follow.

  • Wash: When new, you have to wash it first before going to enjoy the beach, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Drying: Put it to dry in a dry place and, if possible sunny.
  • Pack: When it’s finally dry, pack it in your beach bag.
  • Use: Once on the beach, use the beach as you want. After all, that is what you take it for.
  • Shake: It is important that you shake well to remove sand residue.
  • Wash again: Always after you arrive from the beach, wash it to remove any sand and dirt that may have collected.

Before Washing the Beach Towels

  • Before washing the towel, shake it to remove deeply embedded grains of sand.
  • Check the care label on your towels to wash them at the correct temperature and maintain their quality.
  • Shake them again after washing to ensure extra “fluff.”

How to Wash the Microfiber Towel

When washing the towel, it is recommended to follow a series of guidelines to ensure its long useful life.

  1. Before you start using your new towel, it should be washed the first time to remove any loose fibers from the manufacturing process. Try to wash new towels of different colors separately to avoid color fading.
  2. Once you’ve used your towels, separate them by use before washing to avoid contamination from compounds that are trapped in the towel. Washing does not always remove all particles from the towel. Therefore, a towel with which you dry your body and another with which you clean the car should not be washed at the same time.
  3. When you wash a microfiber towel, be sure to use warm water. Coldwater does not break down waxes.
  4. Use a strong detergent without any type of fabric softener or any other chemicals. It is not advisable to use a dry detergent or one that contains softeners because they leave residue deep in the microfibers.
  5. Do not use bleach, or the towel could be damaged. If they have stubborn stains, pre-soak them with a stain remover before washing.
  6. It is recommended to put an additional rinse cycle to ensure that the towels are as clean and as possible, without traces of detergent.
  7. Once washed, they can be machine dried as long as the heat is not too high, or it will melt the fibers and make the towel less absorbent.
  8. Air drying is another option, as long as they dry in a place where they won’t attract dust and dirt.

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum from Microfiber Towels?

The technique remains simple. You need to freeze the stain with an ice cube. Once it has hardened, you just have to get a (clean) wooden spatula and scrape everything with it. If it doesn’t come off, gently use the tip of a knife. And you will see that it will come off almost on its own. In the condition where a stain persists, finish your action by dabbing the affected area with a cloth soaked in bleach.

Why Buy Microfiber Towels?

Some people hesitate to buy a piece like this because they already have a towel at home and may not consider it necessary, but when you go on the beach, you not only need to dry your body; Since on a trip, anything can happen, maybe your shoes get sand, or maybe your face is full of sweat, or you need to dry an object and the most important thing is that after so many uses you want it to dry quickly and be ready again, this is why a microfiber towel is so advantageous.

Another advantage of these cloths is that they do not retain unpleasant odors, unlike traditional towels, that when they are not treated with perfect hygiene, even when they are washed and dried immediately, they will maintain the bad smell, and you will not want to use it.

The best beach towels are made of elastic microfiber, which is also antibacterial, which, when used, will leave you feeling clean and fresh, ready to continue enjoying the activities of your adventure.

In recent years, microfiber towels have become increasingly popular with backpackers and travelers, as they are a material that can be easily compressed and takes up little space.

It is lighter and more compact. It can be folded and stored in a very small space compared to traditional cotton bath towels that sometimes take up half a suitcase or backpack.

In addition, the microfiber versions offer many more advantages, such as greater comfort and hygiene. Many decide to take them to the beach, to the gym, or to their yoga or Crossfit classes. This is so because it fits perfectly in any backpack, even in a children’s backpack. You won’t even notice that you carry it with you because of the volume and weight.

Where to Buy Microfiber Beach Towels

Being an item used by all of us on a daily basis, towels have become a kind of basic necessity, at least in a social way. You can find them very easily in any supermarket, household goods store, specialized stores, among other types of shops.

But if what you are looking for is where to buy large beach towels, Amazon is the right place. You can buy from the comfort of your computer, mobile, or from your office, calmly reviewing the recommendations and comments of previous product buyers, seasonal offers, and the best designs.

Compare the quality of the beach towels available, compare them with the market price, and the benefits they can offer, so we can assure you that you will be able to find the beach towel you need without your pocket suffering from it. Good luck, and see you next time!

In Summary

Microfiber beach towels are an option that you should consider during the summer. For the beach and for the pool, to take care of the skin and the health of yours. Its main characteristic is its fast-drying, and that is why it makes it ideal for the beach and the pool, and you can also use it for your bath or shower.

Your beach vacation is never complete without a beach towel. For sure, you already have a favorite from the above options. So, make these towels part of your next trip!