15 Best Microfibre Beach Towels Reviews

Microfibre Beach Towels

Microfibre beach towels are made from extremely thin fibre, so you find no hassle bringing them on your trips. These towels are known to provide durability and absorbency.

Microfibre used to produce these beach towels are crafted from synthetic materials like polyamide or polyester. These fibers were woven together to create absorbent beach towels. Compared to cotton beach towels, these towels tend to dry quicker.

List of Best Microfibre Beach Towels

Let’s see how the top 15 great microfiber beach towels. Is there anything suitable for you? Invite you to consider as you like.

1. Bright Beach 4-Pack Beach Towel

These beach towels are stylish, eye-catching, and lightweight. Not only that, they are quick-drying, super absorbent, and sand-resistant. You can use the included zipper bag to hold your used towels after a swim or having fun in the sun.

Pros: Quick-drying, Lightweight with stylish stripes design, Perfect for the whole family

Cons: Not overly soft

2. Dock & Bay Beach Towel

Every traveler would love this beach towel since you can have it anywhere you go without worrying about the space in the bag. It absorbs moisture quickly, and you’ll find the stylish retro cabana design interesting.

Pros: Eye-catching color, Comes with a travel pouch, Sand-resistant

Cons: Not large enough

3. Venture 4th Oversize Microfiber Beach Towel

This beautifully designed beach towel comes with a generous size that is perfect for picnicking and covering up. You can also use it as a bath for sunbathing.

Pros: Great gift idea, Easy to care, Lightweight and fashionable design

Cons: See-through

4. AVAWAWA Beach Towel

Through the beach towel’s beautiful hand-drawn design, you can stay dry and comfortable throughout beach experience while being on style. Being a sand-free towel, it can keep your bag clean.

Pros: Saves space, Dries too fast, Great for outdoor recreation

Cons: Feels hard or stiff

5. YOTRIM Beach Towel

This lightweight beach towel is great for any adventure. With its stylish Hawaiian flower prints, you’ll have a towel that never goes out of style.

Pros: Super absorbent and dries very fast, Lint-free, Very soft on the skin

Cons: Not regular sized

6. Your Choice 2-Pack Microfiber Beach Towel

Every time you go on a trip, make sure to bring this towel because it is easy to stuff into your bag or luggage. Besides, you can use it as a workout or fitness towel.

Pros: Space-saving and ultra-compact, Super absorbent, Quick dry

Cons: Not very ideal for drying hair

7. Live Sandy Microfiber Beach Towel

This beach towel is designed to deliver wonderful colors to much the summer vibe. Apart from your beach adventure, you can also use it on other outdoor recreations.

Pros: Fast drying and sand-free, Lightweight and fashionable, Very compact

Cons: A bit expensive

8. Flush Decker Quick-Dry Beach Towel

This beach towel features hydrophilic nano fractures to ensure fast drying. If you are looking for an oversized, super absorbent, and stylish towel, this one suits you best.

Pros: Polyester blend, Sand-resistant, Excellent for travel

Cons: A little heavy

9. TwoYek Mandala Oversized Beach Towel

If you want to own an eco-friendly beach towel, you can consider this Mandala designed beach towel. Besides, it is stylish and sand-free, making it perfect for a beach companion.

Pros: Super soft and lightweight, Compact and fast dry, Very stylish

Cons: Thin as a pillowcase

10. Easthills Microfiber Beach Towels for Men and Women

As a travel-ready beach essential, these beach towels dry in a few minutes. With combined seaside-inspired designs and spa-like softness, never go on a trip without them.

Pros: Sand-free, Rapid drying, Vibrant designs

Cons: Not super absorbent

11. WildHorn Outfitters Akumal Beach Towel

This beach towel can your ultimate addition to your beach essentials. It delivers great convenience of drying a towel in just a matter of a few minutes.

Pros: Compact and quick-drying, Very absorbent, Stylish and high quality

Cons: Not overly soft

12. Lelife Microfiber Beach Towels

A perfect companion for beach, backpacking, swimming, or camping, these beach towels will not disappoint you. Besides, they come in lively, vibrant colors.

Pros: Absorbent and quick-drying, Lightweight, Perfect gift idea

Cons: Colors fade quickly

13. DARCHEN Beach Towels

To enjoy the beach even better, use these towels to shake off sands easily. No need for you to worry about the size or space of your bag, you can effortlessly stuff them.

Pros: Perfect for different outdoor recreations, Dries 5x faster than cotton towels, Includes a travel accessory bag.

Cons: Very thin

14. Super Maneuver Microfiber Beach Towel

Compared to traditional beach towels, this one requires less water and power to wash. You can choose from various designs that suit your style and preference.

Pros: Attaches to anything, Quick-drying and absorbent, Vibrant colors

Cons: Needs to be printed on both sides

15. Elite Trend Beach Towel

This microfibre beach towel is loved by men, women, and even kids. It is two sides printed and very soft to the skin, so you have nothing to worry about if you have sensitive skin.

Pros: Strong and extra light, Stylish and high quality, Eye-catching and super absorbent

Cons: Little heavier when wet

Benefits of Buying Microfiber Beach Towels

For your upcoming beach vacation, do not forget to buy microfiber beach towels to experience the following benefits:

Dries Quickly

Quick-drying beach towels allow you to be always ready to enjoy the water any time you want.

Great Reusability

These beach towels suffer less form washing, so you can expect for long-lasting use.

Super Absorbent

beach towels can effectively deal with spills.

What to Look for In Microfiber Beach Towels

For a smart beach towel buying decision, you can consider the following factors:


A beach towel should be thin enough to dry itself as quickly as possible.


This factor is essential to ensure that your towel is perfect for beach use, where you can sit on or lay down on it.


Your beach towel should be large enough to support all your needs while on a trip.


beach towels come in the varying price ranges. So, make sure to choose those that suit your budget.

Resistance to sand

Your beach towel will basically be exposed to sand, so it has to withstand the damaging effect of sand. Apart from that, they also need to resist odor and stain.

Your beach vacation is never complete without a beach towel. For sure, you already have a favorite from the above options. So, make these towels part of your next trip!