Aside from sunscreens and your favorite swimwear, a beach towel is another summer essential you should take as a preparation for your summer escapade. In line with that, you will need a good beach towel that dries off the water on your skin fast.

Nature Is Gift – Organic Prewashed Cotton Turkish Beach Peshtemal Towels

Organic Prewashed Cotton Turkish Beach Peshtemal Towels Best for Travel

This prewashed beach towel is not only fast absorbent but also wide enough to cover your body after a quick dip into the water. Aside from that, this beach towel also gained a lot of positive reviews from its users.

This beach towel is made of Turkish cotton. It also features softer fibers. The product can last for several years when taken care of properly. One known characteristic of cotton is its soft surface. Since it is made with Turkish cotton, this beach towel is machine-washable and eco-friendly.

If you want ultra-soft and organic cotton towels, then you have to consider this one. The fact that it is prewashed, you are assured of its softness. This hold shapes and size during washing as well as maintains the integrity of the fabric for a longer time. This is made of organic cotton, and the fringes are handcrafted.

This is ideal for men and women and is considered a multi-purpose towel. You can use it in the spa, beach, bath, pool, gym fitness, etc. This is lightweight and takes up less space to store, and is perfect for the beach.

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