Aside from keeping your body dry every after splashing on the beach or pool, this Oversized Plush Velour 100% Cotton Beach Towel is wide enough to be used as blankets.

Great Bay Home – Oversized Plush Velour 100% Cotton Beach Towel

Oversized Plush Velour 100% Cotton Beach Towel. Cabana Stripe Pool Towel for Adults.

This oversized plush velour 100% cotton beach towel is a product with many verified reviews as well as remarkable ratings. It is made of 100 percent cotton for luxury and supreme comfort. This oversized beach towel is durable, absorbent, soft, and heavyweight. You can pick from different beautiful stripe colors like green, red, orange, and others. This towel size is 40″ x 70″ and is ideal for adults. This beach towel is easy to care for. This is machine washable and lasts longer.

Since it is made with cotton, It can wipe off the excess water on your body quickly, and you will also love to know that this beach towel is also available in different colors. They are just as fast-absorbent and soft. Most of its customers gave the product positive reviews. Since it is available in different colors, you can choose several pieces and give them to your loved ones. Rest assured that this beach accessory will absorb water from your body efficiently and quickly.

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