10 Best Personalized Beach Towels for Kids Reviews


Personalized beach towels for kids are the best beach essentials to carry to hit the waves. There are plenty of colorful characters perfectly designed for kids that surely every kid will enjoy their beach experience to the max. When kids go to the beach, they need to have things that they need to make the adventure comfortable and desirable.

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List of Best Personalized Beach Towels for Kids

We recommend 10 beach towels for kids personalized. It is manufactured with quality materials such as Microfiber, Cotton, and designed with a variety of patterns. Make children feel fun when using beach towels.

1. Lillian Vernon Kids Personalized Under The Sea Jumbo Beach Towel

– 100 % made cotton

– Colorful, ocean of sea characters

– Higher quality, luxuriously thicker

– Machine washable and quick drying-off

– Name is custom embroidered

– Soft and has different vivid ocean designs

Pros: Excellent condition, colorful and personalized

Cons: cloth design is thin

2. Kaufman – Personalized Kids Clownfish School Printed Beach and Pool Towel

– Quick-drying off after you get out from the water

– Vibrantly colored clownfish swim across the surface

– Constructed with 100% velour fabric

– The towel is an absorbent and comfortable lounging

Pros: Very fun to use, colorful, high for the beach, dry very quickly, cute pattern

Cons: Some say that it easy to remove the image and color

3. Fire Truck Beach Towel, Personalized Beach Towel Kids

– Generous size microfiber beach towel with your child’s name and a cute Fire Truck.

– Quick-drying off

– Perfect for kids because it has a colorful fire truck designs

– San free beach mat because sand is easily removed by shaking it off.

– High-quality towels use a printing process that dyes the fabric, bright and durable.

Pros: Quick absorbent of water, colorful, vivid and bold graphic design

Cons: Few are not satisfied with the quality of an item

4. Personalized Shark Beach Towel

– Wrap them up with their customized shark towels for kids. Kids will be happy seeing their names on their personalized towels plus a quick dry beach towel.

– Super soft microfiber material that shakes sand off quickly when you are using it as a beach personalized towel.

– The thin material dries the wet body quickly. The shark design is perfect for both boys and girls.

– Made of high quality, bright and durable custom beach towel from the USA

Pros: Vivid, Colorful, Very Soft, Unisex personalized beach towel

Cons: Fray the colors when it used many times

5. Kaufman -Personalized Kids Seahorses Beach and Pool Towel

– 100% made of cotton

– Imported and perfect personalized beach towel for kids

– Easy to care. Machine washable

– A soft, absorbent and durable item

Pros: excellent design work, very soft, good quality embroidered

Cons: Do not bleach; it can remove its design as well as the color, do not run it through a hot dryer.

6. Lillian Vernon Personalized Kids Mermaid Beach Towel for Girls

– 100 % made of cotton

– High quality made. Kids love the soft and feel it as they are comfortable with it.

– Colorful designs and the name is custom embroidered.

Pros: High quality made, 100% cotton made and colorful designs

Cons: Some says that the quality did not exceed their expectation

7. Lillian Vernon Kids Personalized Sports Jumbo Cotton Beach Towel for Boys

– Perfect for kids who love sports

– 100% cotton made

– Machine washable and high quality made

– The name is custom embroidered

Pros: Both machine wash and dry, very soft and absorbent

Cons: It can quickly fade away the color when it does not wash appropriately.

8. Lillian Vernon Personalized Kids Truck Cotton Beach Towel for Boys

– Wrap them up with 100% cotton softness.

– Velour front features the vivid silkscreened design

– Reverse, absorbent terry loops

– Machine washable, imported and child’s name is custom embroidered

Pros: 100% cotton and very soft

Cons: Easy fade away after several uses

9. Lillian Vernon Personalized Kids Sharks Cotton Beach Towel for Boys

– 100% cotton made

– Lillian Vernon exclusive

– High quality made and thick

– Imported and machine wash and dry

– Child’s name is custom embroidered

Pros: Made up of 100% cotton, very soft fabric when touches skin,

Cons: Easy fade away after several uses and some troubled with lint build-up after washing

10. Lillian Vernon Kids Personalized Dolphins Jumbo Cotton Beach Towel

– 100% cotton made

– Colorful, dolphin designs

– High quality made

– Soft, vivid colors, machine wash and dry

– The child’s name is custom embroidered.

Pros: Machine washable, colorful

Cons: Unraveling and quality are different from expectations.

Benefits of Product

Personalized beach towels for kids are a creative way and fun way to make something their own. With this, kids are creating a memorable event even after it is over by handing out custom beach towels. It is fully customizable, brand promotion as well as practical.

How to choose, or who would buy this product?

Having personalized beach towels will make you smile and happy when you see it every time. It is perfect for kids; you can add a name, choose what you like, or loved designs. You have many options what to choose, such as cartoon characters, animals, superheroes, and other unique designs that are perfect or favorite of your kids. It is the time to make your summer water adventure memorable and put it to all memories you will cherish late on. Select your custom towels that your kids want and fit for them.

A great towel can make or break a trip, so we have created the top 10 beach towels for kids. Here are the ten best product options that help you decide what best beach towels for your little ones.


Making a personalized beach towel for kids will make them happy and enjoy their time on the beach because of its premium cotton quality and softness it brings. Besides, their name will be embroidered on their beach towel for ownership and memories.