The sun was shining on the beach, and people were having fun. If you go to the beach, you may have accessories such as beach towels, beach towel clips, sunglasses, sunscreen etc.

If you’re bringing a beach towel, you should have beach towel clips as they will keep your towels from blowing in the wind.

The most popular material for the chair clip is plastic, but some models use stainless steel.

AUEAR, Lovely Beach Towel Clips for Chair (Pink Flamingo)

AUEAR, Lovely Towel Clips Chair Holders for The Beach or Home Patio (Pink Flamingo, 4-Pack)

Flamingo beach towel clips are made of plastic, size 5.12×3.54 inches, and are durable. Lightweight, easy to carry, easy to use, use to prevent towels from blowing in strong winds.

Perfect for beach chairs

When you go to the beach, you may bring a beach chair to sit and relax on the beach, and you have your beautiful beach towel. The beach is often windy, so you should have clips for towels on beach chairs to keep your beach towels from getting blowing in the wind.

Beach towel clips come in a variety of designs, often in bright colors to match the beach atmosphere. Most of the popular materials for chair clips are plastic and stainless steel, so it’s up to you to decide which material you choose.


In addition to being perfect for use with beach towels. It is also versatile enough to hang wet clothes, hang wet swimsuits, close snack bags, and close food bags.

In addition to the multipurpose use, it is also lightweight and portable, saving storage space, so you feel more comfortable and able to take it to various places comfortably, such as the beach, cruise or going camping.

The brightly colored design will make your vacation at the beach even more enjoyable. You can use Flamingo beach towel clips to hold your beach towel in place and head out to have fun at the beach with your friends without worrying about the towel getting blown away.

With its brightly colored design, the AUEAR beach towel clip catches the eye of the people who see it. Convenient to use, lightweight, easy to carry, saving you storage space. If you’re thinking of going to the beach or cruising, be sure to bring this beach towel clip with you.

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Plastic towel clips secure your towel to most beach chairs. Versatile clips can be used to hang towels, clothes such as wet bathing suits, quilts, duvet covers, and blankets to dry on a windy day to prevent them from slipping off a rail, beach chairs or clotheslines.

Made of strong plastic. Rugged, durable and easy to carry in any place. Lightweight and durable, ideal for everyday use at home or on the go. Very suitable for hanging items to dry anywhere, laundries, backyards, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

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Keeps your towel always in place and prevents it from falling off the back of your chair. Strong plastic material.


  • Name: AUEAR, Lovely Towel Clips Chair Holders for The Beach or Home Patio (Pink Flamingo)
  • Size: 7 x 5 x 2 inches
  • Style: Portable
  • Material: Plastic

These fun beach towel clips are a must-have accessory for your vacation. A sturdy pair of clips that prevent the beach towel from falling off or blowing in the wind. Holds beach towels firmly in place on the lounge chair. Hold the towel securely to the frame of the chairs. Also great for hanging towels to dry over your balcony at night. They won’t fly or fold!

You don’t have to worry about your beach towels being blown away by the wind. AUEAR lovely clip for beach chairs will hold your towel in place and won’t be blown away by the wind, so you can go out and have fun with friends at the beach without worries.