Spending the whole summer season on the beach is one of the best experiences of a year. Playing beach games or sunbathing with friends is an exceptional memory. To achieve the best beach experience, bringing some essentials is a must. These essentials include sunblock, food, and flip-flops. Beyond that, a beach towel is also a must-have for drying your hair, lounging on the beach, or as a cover-up after dipping on the pool.

Exclusivo Mezcla Sand Free Striped Beach Towel/Pool Towel

Sand Free Striped Beach Towel/Pool Towel

This beach towel is made with microfiber material. This means that they are quick-dry and absorbent. Beach towel plays a vital role during swimming but makes sure to get the best and reliable one. When it comes to reliability and quality, Exclusivo Mezcla oversized microfiber towel stands out. Available in retro style classic striped design with vivid colors. There is no color fading, no shrinkage, and No unraveling after washing.

This is super smooth compared to common or conventional beach towels. It has a tight weave, making dust and sands hard to adhere to. You can shake off the sand easily, even if it gets wet.

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