Wash beach towels

Embroidered towels are among the quick and straightforward gifts for everyone. After all, who would not need towels?

You can choose from different images to embroider onto the towels, including:

Patterns and Designs

Small floral designs in the corner are among the popular choices. Besides, feel free to add decorative borders if you have no idea in mind.


Make sure to avoid relatively simple logos because they might be stitchable. Instead of thin or intricate designs, you can go for solid patterns.


Monograms refer to 1-3 letters on a certain pattern, including within a border or a large circular shape. They add a professional yet homey touch to the towels.

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You are giving embroidered towels to your loved ones can make them feel extra special, especially if the design or monogram is personalized, like the recipient’s initials. However, shrinking can be problematic. For sure, you do not want to give your loved ones embroider towels with distorted design.

Whether it is your first to design your towel with embroidery or not, knowing as to whether or not washing a towel before embroidering is essential.

During the surface preparation, wash the towel and dry it completely. This way, you can prevent it from shrinking. If you skip this step, the towel will shirk while the design will distort after the first wash.

Another tip when you design your own beach towel is to choose a certain color that helps show up the pattern or design well. Mind that a dark pattern on a dark color is hard to see. Besides, the embroidered towel tends to look distracting when you pair them with embroidered designs.

Once you are done with your embroidered towel project, do not forget to tear off the stabilizer. You can use a damp rag or wash the towel to dissolve all the remaining pieces off.