Do not overfill the washing machine

When you fill the washing machine, put your hand in the drum to see if you can press the laundry a little longer. If there is still movement, the drum is not too full. For example, my washing machine is 7 kg, and I wash a maximum of 6 towels per wash, if necessary some dishcloths can be added.

Do not use the energy saving mode if you are going to wash towels

Some washing machines have a kind of Eco mode. This uses less water. Great for washing clothes, but if you wash towels use the regular cotton cycle.

Remove wet laundry immediately from the washing machine

Never leave laundry in the washing machine but take it out immediately once the wash is complete. The longer wet laundry remains in the washing machine, the greater the chance of weather air.

Spread wet towels out generously

This means that your laundry is not hanging close together on the drying rack. Hang towels over two lines instead of one so that the fabric is not folded in half. This makes them dry faster which minimizes the chance of a bad smell.

Preferably put towels in the dryer

Usually there is a rancid smell because the fabric stays wet for too long. The faster the fabric dries, the better. Select a program on the dryer that really dries the towels so that they do not remain unnoticed.

Do not store towels until you are sure they are 100% dry

Do you hang out towels after washing? Then let them hang on the drying rack for an extra day. If you put them in the dryer, leave the dried laundry in the laundry basket or on the bed for a while before folding and storing.

Other Essential Tips

• Only put dry laundry in the laundry basket. Towels, washcloths, tea towels and all other laundry that you put in the laundry basket must be completely dry. So let your towels dry very well after showering before you put them in the laundry basket.

• Never leave damp / wet towels in your bag. Do you take towels to the gym or do you ever go swimming? Then unpack your bag immediately after exercising.

• Do not store towels in the bathroom. If you have a closet in the bathroom where you store your towels, they can smell like a wet dog. This is due to the vapor from the shower that gets into the cupboard and in the towels. So take a shelf in your wardrobe or other closets outside the bathroom.

• Don’t hang your towels out in the bathroom after a shower. The vapor from showering keeps the towel wet for a long time, which can cause it to smell. Even if several people use the same bathroom, towels get a little damp every shower, and then dry slowly. This causes rancid smells. So preferably do not hang your towel to dry in the bathroom, but hang it over the balustrade or over a chair in your bedroom.

• Do not place laundry baskets in the bathroom. Put your laundry baskets in the bedroom or in the laundry room, but preferably not in the bathroom. The vapor that is released during showering penetrates the laundry in the laundry basket, causing it to stink, and attract silverfish.

• Don’t use your towel more than 2 times. Wash towels after you dry yourself twice with them. This prevents bacteria from building up which keeps your towels fresher.

What if towels keep smelling?

You have cleaned the washing machine, washed the towels at 90 degrees with washing powder and applied all the tips. Still, the towels continue to smell rancid. In that case, I recommend getting rid of the towels and buying new ones.

Very unfortunate, but if the weather is really in the towels through and through, they cannot be saved. Take them away to a textile container and gift yourself a new set.

If you then bought new ones, wash them before using them. New towels that have never been washed can also smell stale and dry badly.

Not that they dry badly when wet, but they dry you badly after showering, and leave fluff on your body.