If you are looking for high-quality design chair clips, Boca Clips from O2COOL might just be your choice. It looks like a bright and eye-catching design. You’ll love the design and durability of this chair clip. It is jumbo in size, suitable for various chairs, such as beach chairs, lawn chairs, and pool chairs, and has excellent durability. It’s perfect as an accessory for beach towels, places where you should bring your Toucan chair clip, such as on a cruise trip, going to the beach, or sunbathing.

O2COOL Bocaclips – Towel Clips for Beach Chairs (Toucan)

O2COOL Bocaclips - Toucan Beach Towel Clips

Toucan beach towel clip comes in a brightly colored beach towel clip. It has a design that doesn’t look boring. Toucan beach towel clips are Made of durable plastic material. Its dimensions are 4.65 x 3.54 x 1.5 inches which is a good size. It can prevent your towel from being blown away by the wind because it has strong adhesion to the beach chair, so you can rest assured that your beach towel will stay with you.


Made of high-quality plastic, it is lightweight and not easily broken. With long-lasting use and strong durability, the colors are beautiful even when exposed to sunlight for a long time. It’s also versatile, for example, to close charcoal bags, food, and snack or to hang wet swimwear and clothing.

Enjoy and have fun on the beach without worrying about your beach towel getting lost. Clips to hold towels on beach chairs from O2COOL will hold your towels secure in place, so beach towels don’t get blown away in the wind. The chair clip opens wide to secure your towel to the chair. Perfect for beaches, pools, camping, and cruise trip.


Multipurpose, can hang clothes to dry, hang, hold, and secure items. Use it to hang towels outdoors or use it in a shower room or laundry room. Make your normal vacation more enjoyable with O2COOL Bocaclips. Relax on the beach with your loved ones, have fun on the beach, and don’t forget to put your Toucan O2COOL Bocaclips in your beach bag. A cute bright design makes your travels more enjoyable.


It’s lightweight, so you can take it anywhere, so you’re comfortable. The plastic material is durable, strong, but lightweight. Despite being lightweight, this chair clip is not easily broken.

Cruise in the middle of the ocean, you encounter strong winds, and your towels may be blown away in the wind. O2COOL Bocaclips will hold your beach towel in place, so you can cruise with the enjoyment of mind without worrying about the beach towels being blown away by the wind.

If you like colorful chair clips, O2COOL Bocaclips might be a good choice for you. The O2COOL Bocaclips are designed with a focus on color and durability, yet they are versatile. Suitable for people who like chair clips that are colorful and versatile. If you want to keep your towels safe from strong winds, use this beach towel clip.

A weekend trip to the sea will be fun and worry-free because you bring O2COOL Bocaclips with you, this beach towel clips will keep towels from blowing away.

There are also pink flamingo beach towel clips which are perfect for those who like bright colors.