This towel clip is not only perfect for keeping your towel on the beach chair or lounger pool chair; Also suitable for hang wet swimsuits, blankets, duvet covers, or clothing to keep them from blowing away on a windy day.

This towel clip is made of heavy-duty PP plastic, lightweight, sturdy, durable, convenient to store and carry anywhere.

Set of 8 Beach Bath Towel Clips in 4 Fun Bright Colors

Convenient: Ideal for hang and keeping your blankets, duvet cover, beach towels, or bath towels stable even in windy weather. Ease of use makes it more convenient.

Colorful: come in four different colors, which are much more visible, made of plastic with zinc galvanized steel circle hinges, rust-resistant.

They are designed to secure the beach towels from being blown away by the sea wind. It adopts durable plastic with zinc galvanized steel, making it hard and rust-resistant, and the bright color will help you to it. Find immediately. Clips secure the towel from being blown away by the sea wind.


  • Material: plastic
  • Suitable for: beach towels, bath towels, blankets, duvet cover, or clothing
  • Designed to secure beach towels from being blown away by the sea wind.
  • The bright colors make it easier to find them.

Beach towel clip for keep and holding towels to keep your towels from blowing off on the beach, on a beach chair, or on the windy deck of a boat cruising.

Every day use these clips to hang items anywhere, be it travel, indoor, or outdoor drying racks.

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