Towels for the Beach for Summer Holiday

Do you like to sunbathe anywhere? Then you will have to choose the best towels for the beach out of so many as there are out there, as this is one of the key elements that you cannot miss in your luggage for the holidays.

Good beach towels are those that are made with high-quality materials, such as cotton. Ideally, its composition should have between 80% and 100% cotton. Thanks to this material, beach towels are very comfortable.

Towels for the Beach for Summer Holiday

A good beach towel is characterized by its quick drying time, its bright colors and fun patterns, and its softness against the skin. And no, it is useless to grab any of those that we have at home for the shower, much smaller.

To help you choose the most suitable for you and that you can always choose between quality products, we leave you with our selection of the best beach towels, made up of quality products at good material.

1. Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

Utopia Towels Cabana Stripe Beach Towel (30 x 60 Inches) - 100% Ring Spun Cotton Large Pool Towels

Wrap yourself in an absorbent, downy, and soft bath tower after bathing or swimming in the pool. The Utopia Towels Cabana is made of 100 percent cotton fabric and has a breathable feature that makes this towel ideal for the body and hands. This also offers the best coverage, versatility, and absorbency. This is a must-have accessory for your escapade on the poolside or beach or at home. It is huge enough to cover your entire body. It measures 30 by 60 inches, is practical and extra absorbent for fast drying, comfortable lounging, and has ample coverage. The additional combing process and zero twist construction eliminate the short fibers that help minimize fraying and shedding. The edges are professionally hemmed and well-made to boost durability and quality. This is a very absorbent beach towel and will keep soft after many washes and dry cycles. This is available in various colors such as green, yellow, blue, and orange.

2. Kaufman – Cabana Terry Loop Towel

Kaufman - Cabana Terry Loop Towel 6-Pack

Are you looking for the best beach towel for the whole family? Look no further than Kaufman- Cabana Terry Loop. Snooze on the beach or swimming pool in style and comfort. This super-absorbent, heavyweight as well as single terry loop beach towel from Kaufman is tough, durable, but soft enough to feel you relax and comfy. Made of high quality material, this beach towel will withstand many months of use, making it a good investment. Convenient and classic, this is ideal for a dip in the swimming pool or a day at the bear.

Kaufman- Cabana Terry Loop beach towel is machine washable as well as ideal for the whole family. This available in six pieces set, including royal, purple, orange, green, pink, and turquoise. This is easy to care about. Weighing only 1 lb per piece and measures 32 inches by 62 inches, you can easily store it in your cabinet.

3. Smyrna Original Turkish Beach Towel Cotton, Prewashed

Smyrna Original Turkish Beach Towel Cotton, Prewashed

Are you looking for a new Turkish towel that offers amazing comfort? Look no further than Smyrna Original Turkish Beach Towel. This beach towel can be a real game-changer for the next beach day. You can feel the difference immediately as this towel is made of 100 percent cotton.

This is a multi-purpose towel as you can use it in different places like swimming pool, beach, bathroom, fitness and SPA. You can also use it as a scarf, pareo, shawl, sarong, as well as a blanket. This is a very functional beach towel. Its lightness, soft feeling, easy drying, and absorbency features make this Turkish beach towel very functional and popular. It is prewashed, fashionable, and chic and takes a small space.

Smyrna Original Turkish Beach Towel is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning it is free from toxic chemicals and safe for human application. The fabric has been proven, tested, and certified to be free from dangerous levels of over 100 substances known to be perilous to human health.

4. 2 Pack Plush Velour 100% Cotton Beach Towels

Great Bay Home 2 Pack Plush Velour 100% Cotton Beach Towels

Are you looking for heavyweight, plush cotton beach towels? 2 packs of Plush Velour is what you may need. This fantastic beach towel offers ultimate softness, durability as well as absorbency. This is 100 percent made of cotton materials, machine washable, and last for many years of use.

This oversized towel is ideal for pool and beach use and offers supreme comfort and luxury. This is absorbent, soft, and durable, making it a good investment. Our excellent beach towels are available in various colors. You can pick from 8 stunning and gorgeous stripe colors such as pink, red, orange, teal, Air blue, navy, charcoal grey, and green. This allows you to get the one that meets your needs and style. With these amazing features, for sure, you will love this beach towel.

5. Cabana Beach Towel – Plush Cotton Softness with Colorful Stripes

Cabana Beach Towel - Oversized Black & Gray Summer Sunbathing and Pool Side Lounge Comfort

Make your beach escape comfortable and meaningful with the help of high quality Cabana Beach Towel. What makes this towel apart from the rest is the 630 GSM soft materials, which are often thicker than conventional bathroom towels for further comfort. Available in oversized sizes, Cabana Beach Towel comes with vibrant colored stripes to match your taste and style. This is available in different colors such as sea glass and coral, seagrass and yellow, sunset blue orange, and many others.

Measuring 70 by 35 inches, this beach towel is broader and longer than typical beach towels, making it easier to relax in your preferred lounge chair. The material helps you dry easily from head to toe. This towel is intended for people who enjoy the outdoors; that is why it is easy to keep with you in a beach tote, in your vehicle, or your bathroom. It comes with a thick and tougher border to boost this towel’s resiliency after many day trips and machine washing.

6. Oversized Plush Velour 100% Cotton Beach Towel

Great Bay Home Oversized Plush Velour 100% Cotton Beach Towel

This oversized plush velour beach towel, It is made of 100 percent cotton for luxury and supreme comfort. This oversized beach towel is durable, absorbent, very soft, and heavyweight. You can pick from eight different beautiful stripe colors like green, Air Blue, charcoal grey, navy, teal, pink, orange, and red. This towel measures 40 inches by 70 inches and ideal for adults.

This beach towel is easy to care for. This is machine washable and lasts longer. Customer satisfaction is the main priority of the manufacturer of this product. For sure, you will love this product.

7. Kaufman – Multicolor Joey Cabana Stripe

Kaufman - Multicolor Joey Cabana Stripe 4-Pack 32in x 62in

Kaufman high quality beach towel, one of the latest offerings is the multi-color Joey Cabana Stripe. This is a unique beach towel, and what makes it apart from other conventional towels available is its utmost quality and unparalleled value. This is an oversized towel measuring 32 inches by 62 inches, making it perfect for an adult. Also, with its amazing size, it allows you to use this towel anywhere you want with comfort and space. Made of 100 percent velour cotton, so you are assured of durability, quality, absorbency, and softness. It is available in a set of four, including one towel of each shade, each with a superb and unique color scheme. This fantastic beach towel is composed of a vibrant and lively mix of vivid shades, which turn out to be an elegant image. Choose this towel from Kaufman if you want a comfortable, long lasting, and durable product.

8. Exclusivo Mezcla 100% Cotton Cabana Striped Beach/Pool/Bath Towel

Exclusivo Mezcla 4-Pack 100% Cotton Cabana Striped Beach/Pool/Bath Towel

Do you want a soft, fast dry, lightweight beach towel? If so, look no further than Exlusibo Mezcla. Made of 100 percent cotton, this is very absorbent and plush. This 4-pack of cabana striped beach towels are available in bright colors, ideal for enjoying time to pool or beach with friends or family members.

For maximum softness, durability, and absorbency, the manufacture just picks the best and superior 100 percent terry fabric that is 400 plus GSM. Care for this is easy, and it is machine washable. But, avoid using fabric softener to avoid reducing absorbency. This towel doesn’t shrink. The color doesn’t fade, and No unraveling after washing. You can stand out from the crowd due to its vivid colors. This is the best companion for swimming.

9. Kaufman – 100% Cotton Velour Striped Beach & Pool Towel

Kaufman – 100% Cotton Velour Striped Beach & Pool Towel

Another remarkable and high quality beach towel from Kaufman, this towel is ideal for poolside and beach vacations. These vibrant two-shade stripe beach towels are a shift from the conventional white bath towel, bringing an assortment of vivid colors, which looks amazing when put together.

Available in four colorful towels, you can choose from lime, pink, orange, and turquoise. It is velour, ideal for being extremely soft, and offers amazing absorbency and quality. This superior towel offers a superb luxurious feel, great value, and superb comfort and absorbency.

10. Kaufman – Velour Cabana Towels

Kaufman - Velour Cabana Towels 4-Pack

Are you ready for your next family trip to the beach? Don’t forget to bring this set of plush and beautiful cabana towels from Kaufman. This is ideal for the beach, pool, and any outdoor activities. This is available in four different colors, such as pink, green, orange, and turquoise. Anyplace, these colorful and bright towels will set apart and bring their amazing colors to all conditions. It doesn’t matter if you are at the beach with loved ones or at the swimming pool with friends.

This towel is carefully made and considered the plushest and softest towel available online. Its colors, high absorbency feature, and softness will give you an amazing experience.

11. Exclusivo Mezcla Large Microfiber Beach Towel

Exclusivo Mezcla Large Microfiber Beach Towel

Beach towel plays a vital role during swimming but makes sure to get the best and most reliable one. When it comes to reliability and quality, Exclusivo Mezcla oversized microfiber towel stands out. Available in retro style classic striped design with vivid colors, for sure you will never go wrong if you buy this towel from Exclusivo. There is no color fading, no shrinkage, and No unraveling after washing.

This is super smooth compared to common or conventional beach towels. It has a tight weave, making dust and sands hard to adhere to. You can shake off the sand easily, even if it gets wet.

12. HENBAY Fluffy Large Beach Towel

HENBAY Fluffy Large Beach Towel - 4 Pack Plush 30 x 60 Inch

Another reliable name for home accessories is that the Henbay fluffy large beach towel is superb and exceptional and offers utmost comfort and relaxation. Measuring 30 by 60 inches and available in a blue striped design, this is big enough for kids, big boy, and adult use. This is made of 100 percent combed cotton. There is no lint and no fading as Henbay use state of the art technology in the textile process. You can use this oversized towel for the gym, outdoor, camping, pool, etc. This is very tough as it has double stitched on the corners to keep it not easy to fall apart when washed.

13. Kaufman – Velour Racing Stripe Towel

Kaufman - Velour Racing Stripe Towel 4-Pack

This is another remarkable and high quality beach towel from Kaufman. This is ideal for the beach, swimming pool, camping, as well as other outdoor activities. This is made of velour, so you are assured of the utmost softness and absorbency. This set of four is available in various colors. You can choose from mango, mint, coral, and turquoise. This is an oversized beach towel that measures 32 inches by 62 inches. Due to its vibrant color, you will stand out from the crowds. This is a must-have beach accessory due to the quality it offers.

14. Kaufman – Cabana Terry Loop Beach and Pool Towel

Kaufman - Cabana Terry Loop Beach and Pool Towel

This is a popular and most sought after beach towel from Kaufman. You can get this stunning, bright cabana beach terry loop towel in a 12 pack with all diverse colors. So, you can find one that is ideal for the entire family. This is made of 100 percent cotton, which offers the utmost comfort. Machine washable and super lightweight makes the Kaufman Cabana Terry Loop Beach towel perfect for daily use.

15. Organic Prewashed Turkish Beach Towels|100% Cotton Beach and Bath Towel

Organic Prewashed Turkish Beach Towels

If you want ultra soft and organic towers, then you have to consider this one. The fact that it is prewashed, you are assured of its softness. This hold shapes and size during washing as well as maintains the integrity of the fabric for a longer time. This is made of organic cotton, and the fringes are handcrafted.

This is ideal for men and women and is considered a multi-purpose towel. You can use it in the spa, beach, bath, pool, gym fitness, etc. This is super lightweight and takes up less space to store, and perfect for the beach.

How to Choose the Best Beach Towels

Not all beach towels are the same; the risk of being disappointed with the quality of the fabric is not so remote. However, there are some aspects to consider before making your purchase, the size of the cloth, the characteristics of the fabric, and the fiber used, and all these characteristics directly contribute to the final quality of the article. In this short guide, we propose some aspects not to be overlooked before making your choice.


As the main aspect to choose into account when buying good towels for the beach, we find its manufacturing materials. And it is that, above any other aspect, this should always be the main one to take into account in your comparison of beach towels, since the quality, softness, and absorption of it will depend on this, among other issues.

In the market, we find different materials present in this type of product. The most common is cotton beach towels, with a cloth point similar to that of bath towels that allow the towel to dry the surface of the skin well and be soft to use. This material is of great quality, offering everything you are looking for in a good towel; in addition, it is also quite resistant and easy to wash.

On the other hand, we find towels made entirely of synthetic materials such as polyester fiber, a highly resistant material that has the ability to be lighter than cotton and to dry quickly. These types of towels are usually cheaper than the 100% cotton models and usually offer good results.

Among these two options, we find mixed-made beach towels, which combine both cotton and synthetic materials to offer extra resistance to the product.

As a last option, you can also find microfiber beach towels, very light towels that have the ability to absorb water from the body very quickly and dry just as quickly, a good option if you are one of those who enter the water several times.

Dimensions and Format

Just as important is the format of the beach towel. Currently, we find models of towels in different formats, from the traditional rectangular towel to other square ones and, of course, the very fashionable round beach towels.

Although the favorites and most used are still the traditional rectangular towels, the truth is that round and square towels, like a large tapestry on the sand, are having more and more followers, who enjoy their colorful designs while taking advantage of its large surface to save space in your bag.

Another important issue is the size of the towel. This will depend, mainly, on the needs and preferences of each user. For example, a towel that you will only use to dry yourself after leaving the sea or the pool is not the same as one that you will also use to lie on the sand.

In the first case, you will need a towel that allows you to cover your entire body and dry yourself properly, but it does not necessarily have to be too large. In the second case, it is necessary that it is large enough so that you are comfortably lying on it, being, in this case, the width of the towel especially important to offer greater comfort.

In the market, the comparison of beach towels in terms of their dimensions is wide, from towels designed for the smallest of the house to other large models that could fit up to two people. It will depend on you which model is the most appropriate in your case.

Towel Design

To finish, and without minimizing it, we must also look at the design of the towel. A beach towel is normally used both to dry ourselves out of the water and to lie on the sand, and in this case, we always like to wear a nice towel with a colorful and modern design.

Therefore, the current market offers a wide range of possibilities so that you always find the perfect beach towel for you. As for traditional beach towels, you can find all kinds of designs, from the typical striped Cabana-type towel to the traditional towel with marine motifs, through endless designs and patterns for all ages and tastes.

Children can also find any of their favorite characters in these types of products, and it is just a matter of searching properly.

As for round and square beach towels, the latest trends point to mandala models, towels that, in addition to providing us with a good space in which to lie down and enjoy the beach, freeing ourselves from the cumbersome sand, help us relax by providing an Oriental touch and they delight our eyes with their colorful, geometric and well-kept designs. However, if you don’t like mandalas, you can always find towels in this format with other types of designs that better suit your tastes.

Therefore, if you already have a selection of quality towels, now you only need to choose the one that has the design that most closely matches your preferences and tastes.

The size

In our opinion, it is another of the most important things, and that is that the fact that the feet are out on the sand is not very funny. Find one of the good dimensions, on which you can frolic freely and with which you can wrap yourself completely when leaving the water.


Consider whether you want it to be thicker or thinner, depending on the size of your backpack or beach bag. Something must always be sacrificed in most cases.

The use you intend for it also counts here. Do you want it just to lie down, to dry off, or both? In the answer, you will find the keys to opt for one model or another.

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How to Use Beach Towels

A beach towel is a highly versatile item that can accompany you in any season of the year or activity, be it on the beach, in the pool, on a picnic, and even to cover yourself from the cold. Therefore, it is important that when faced with such a versatile product, you know how to use it and preserve its good condition, so we invite you to read the following steps.

Carry Out a Wash Before its First Use

Before using the towel for the first time, it is recommended that you wash it with cold water, by hand or in the washing machine, adding a tablespoon of salt; This will help maintain the colors, preventing fading.

Lie on the Towel

Whether on a beach day on the sand or on a picnic, when you want to rest on the grass, you can spread it out and lie down comfortably on it. Remember that its textile fibers are strong, so they are designed to adapt to these terrains, providing you with comfort.

Dry off After a Bath

If your model is made of 100% cotton, it will have complete water absorption just like a traditional small towel would. If your model is made of synthetic material, the absorption will be less, but you can still use it to dry yourself.

Cover Yourself from the Cold

You can spread it over your body to keep you warm both on a car trip and at home during winter days since these designs generally have a significant thickness in addition to having large dimensions.

Shakes off Grass or Sand Debris

It is important that you shake it well to remove any sand or grass residues adhering to the textile fiber during use. In addition, it is recommended that at the end of the day and before storing it to return home, you let it dry a little; this way, you can avoid the proliferation of bacteria or bad smells.

Removes Stains

Check if the towel has the usual stains that are generated when you apply sunscreen, bronzer, or oils for the skin; If so, it is prudent to remove them before introducing the textile to the washing machine.

You should apply a small amount of ammonia on a cotton cloth and rub in a circular way until the stain disappears, being necessary to rinse those areas. Keep in mind that if you don’t carry out the procedure, the stain will spread through the textile.

Take Her to the Washing Machine

Put it in the washing machine and add some mild detergent by setting the machine on a cold rinse cycle; this way, you will help maintain the colors and good condition of the textile fibers. It is necessary that at least during the first 3 washes, you carry out the process separately since it can fade and ruin your other clothes.

Store the Towel

If you want to store it for a long time, it is important that after washing it, you make sure that it is completely dry so that it does not generate moisture stains. Then fold it and store it preferably in a plastic bag, to prevent dust from adhering to it.