kids beach games

Summer vacations are every kid’s dream. After months of grueling school work such as homework, projects, recitation, group works, quizzes and exams, and extracurricular activities, all is worth it when the grades soar high… and a fun day at the beach!

As fun as it sounds, preparing for it is a tiring task, so here is an advice for a beach vacation with your kids: Come up with a list beforehand to keep things on track, such as:

Whew! The list can go on and go on, but it is all is worth once the family gets to the beach and have fun. Speaking of fun, here are some of the best beach games for the kids to enjoy!

1. Sand Castle Building

A classic favorite! It is a very easy game using only a toy bucket and a shovel, but you can make it competitive. Let them be creative in building and designing their castles.

2. Treasure Hunting

Let kids explore the beach and pick up seashells, sea glass, and rocks. Or you can bury prepared treats for them to find, such as packets of candy, toys, and actual money. Keep them supervised, though. Do not let them wander off and pick dangerous objects and creatures.

3. Hopscotch

This is a beloved game for all kids. Simply draw in the grid on the sand and use pebbles or seashells as markets.

4. Beach Tag

With plenty of space, have a game of tag. It will keep them well exercised and is a chance to play with other children.

5. Beach Volleyball

With a volleyball or beach ball, let your kids form a circle and take turns in passing the ball. It also a chance for them to socialize with other kids.

6. Beach Tug of War

This a more rigorous game for slightly older kids; for this, the kids will split into teams and use durable towels or a strong skipping rope. Draw a line in the sand, and pull at the ends. The team that steps on the line will lose. As a bonus, the sand will be soft enough to cushion the children when they fall over.

7. Beach water relay

This is a very exciting game. Let the kids split into teams. Each team will have a bucket and a small cup. On signal, let them fill the cup with seawater and balance them on their heads as they walk back to shore and fill the bucket. The teams that fill the bucket first win.

8. Frisbee

In this game, children will take turns in throwing and catching the Frisbee. Whoever successfully catches it in a row wins.

With all the games we have discussed, it is very important to stay safe and always prepared. At the end of the day, the children will be all tuckered out, dreaming of the fun they had on the beach.