Turkish cotton has been a trend these days. But what does it feel like? What differentiates the Egyptian, organic, and Pima cotton from one another? We will try to answer these questions below:

what does turkish cotton feel like

What Is Turkish Cotton?

Turkish cotton is not recognized as long-fiber cotton for anything. People turn to Turkish cotton as it does create not only a strong but also a smooth thread.

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What Does it Feel Like?

Turkish cotton has been a top-notch choice for many folks because of its rough or scratchy feel. Thanks to its looped cotton.

Usually woven with long fibers than average terrycloth, Turkish cotton creates a stronger and more absorbent material than you’ve ever expected.

If you have been using not comfy cotton, get it has replaced with best Turkish beach towels. It is comfortable for a sensitive skin, which provides a soothing effect.

While it is not as thick as other materials, Turkish cotton is exceptionally soft as it is packed with extra-long fibers. This means the weave of the fabric has fewer joints, making it better than traditional towels.

What Makes it the Best Choice?

Apart from soft feel and touch, Turkish cotton provides other benefits for everyone. Some of them are highlighted below:


Who would have ever thought that thin cotton would be comfortable to the skin? Well, Turkish cotton makes it happen. It is thin without compromising its soft feel and touch. It is lightweight and easy to pack during your future escapades. It is easy to store, which only requires less space in your closet.


Another advantage of Turkish cotton is its great absorbency. When used properly, it wicks away the water from your skin, drying it as quickly as possible.

It Dries Quickly

Compared to regular cotton, Turkish cotton dries within a few minutes or less. Since it does not harbor moisture, it prevents mildew and bacteria from developing. It would remain fresh and fragrant.

Stylish and Fashionable

Who doesn’t want to a stunning towel? Everyone loves that, and Turkish cotton can meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether you go to the beach or the pool, Turkish cotton towels can give your fashion statement a boost.

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