Sand Free Beach Towels

Sand free beach towels are useful for enjoying days at the beach without filling up with sand. In addition to being annoying, sand can cause skin irritation and spoil food and drinks.

The anti-sand beach towels are towels that do not attract sand and allow you to sunbathe, relax and eat without filling up with annoying grains. Its particular composition and the ability to keep dirt and liquids away make this product ideal also for camping tents or for the garden. They are now very popular, on the internet there are so many, and what is their most important feature. We will also try to understand how to choose the best one.

How sand free beach towels work

What is special about anti-sand beach towels? Do these sheets really have the ability to repel sand, water, and any kind of dirt? Yes. This is possible thanks to the microfiber with which they are made. The microfiber allows the sand to slide from top to bottom without the possibility of rising. Likewise, it removes water or any other type of dirt.

Generally, these towels are sold with pegs that allow them to stabilize on the ground and prevent their movement. In this way, your relaxation will be total. The impermeability also keeps away from humidity and possible mold or fungi.

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How to choose the sand free beach towel

The anti-sand beach towel is the ideal accessory to take to the sea. In addition to performing the function of a normal beach towel, the anti-sand one ensures you do not come into contact with the sand and, therefore, not to get dirty or irritate your skin. But that’s not enough. A sandblast cloth must also have other characteristics to be the best. Let’s see the details to pay attention to before making the purchase.


Once you have chosen the dimensions, go on to analyze the materials. The best beach towels are those in microfiber, a material that repels sand and holds it under the fabric and is resistant to water and any type of dirt, and microfiber materials are antibacterial material that dries very easily.


The first thing to look out for is size. The right dimensions must be calculated according to who has to use the sheet. There are some for children or adults, for one or more people. It is even possible to buy family-size towels.


The accessories in the package can also make a difference. It would be practical to have a bag or bag available to store the towel in when we are not using it and where you can also put some personal items to go to the beach, pool, or gym.

But also, a ring placed at the corner of the towel or pockets placed under the corners are interesting accessories. The ring can be used to hang the tarp on some hooks, while the pockets can be used to weight the cloth and make it adhere to the ground or to keep personal items.

Most certainly, a sand free beach towel comes with pegs to secure it to the ground, to make it stick completely.

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