What Is The Ideal Size Of Beach Towels?

The beach towel accompanies us all summer to laze on the sand. It is an essential accessory for our holidays. It dries us, envelops us in softness, and turns into a fashion object thanks to its ever more trendy prints. The size, weight, as well as the nature of the loop, are all criteria to take into account when choosing your towel.

The Different Sizes of a Beach Towel

Beach towel dimensions: 100 x 170 cm
Beach towel dimensions: 100 x 180 cm
Beach towel dimensions: 70 x 130 cm
Beach towel dimensions: 80 x 150 cm
Beach towel dimensions: 80 X 160 cm

To dry ourselves off after the bath, there are several options available to us. The best known, of course, is the beach towel. It is generally 100 cm wide and 170 cm long. Adapted to all body types, it has a weight of between 300 and 400g / m², which guarantees sufficient absorption power to dry us properly. Cotton velour is most often used because it offers a soft and fluffy appearance on contact with the skin.

The beach towel, meanwhile, is significantly larger: 100 cm wide and 180 cm long. It is also heavier since its weight is between 400 and 500g / m². The beach towel is popular with tall people, as well as those looking for a sponge with a high absorption capacity. If the fouta or Tunisian towel has the same dimensions as the beach towel, it is distinguished by its much lighter weight: between 200 and 330g / m². The size of the beach towel will therefore depend above all on the use you make of it.

Their large size makes them look more like a luxury than bath towels. By using them at home to dry off after showering, you might feel like you’re more of a spa due to the comfort they offer. They have a lot more fabric to cover the body and will dry you really well. Most people can wrap themselves in these towels without leaving parts uncovered or showing parts of the skin. They are ideal for covering you before dressing.

Even if you don’t use them every day, they are a great addition to your towel set. Because maybe one day after a good bath or a spa day at home, you feel like a larger and softer towel than the normal bath towel.

When choosing a beach towel, you prefer it to be the same colors as the bath towel, which is at stake. This way, you can use both sizes, and it will not clash with the rest of the bathroom decoration. If you will not use them at home but to go to the beach, then you can opt for the different models and patterns; there are many very creative options.

Being larger, they take longer to dry well. Therefore, you must be very careful and hang them well after using them; if possible, leave them outdoors, but in the shade. This will prevent the growth of bacteria and bad odors. Likewise, because of their large size, you won’t be able to put too many in the washing machine at the same time.