What size is a large beach towel?

Beach towels are a necessity when it comes to beach vacations during summer. They have important roles aside from being used to dry off after a swim in the sea; they are your protective blanket to sit under the sand, a shade from the hot summer sun, and an overall fashion accessory. With so many beach towels to choose from, with different designs, cloth material, and brand, we must consider another important quality: the size.

Large beach towels do come in handy for a family and groups of friends to share with. So, what size does beach towels needed to have in order to be called oversized?

An average-sized beach towel is about 60 inches by 30 inches, larger than an ordinary bath towel. That is because they must accommodate a person’s height. An extra-large towel, however, is around 70 x 35 inches. With towels of this size, one must know how much a beach towel weights.

There are many brands offering these big beach towels. Oversized towels can exceed those sizes, though. Here are some of the best towels to choose from in the market:

1. The best-known example is at 120 inches x 120 inches or 10 feet by 10 feet. This popular, supersized towel is the world’s largest beach towel. Despite being massive, it is not that difficult to carry around and nor bulky when folded. That’s because it’s made from a very thin microfiber material that helps it become light to carry, thin when folded, and dry very quickly.

2. Large Beach and Pool Towels in Cabana Stripes from Utopia Towels. It’s 35 ×70 inches and made from 100% cotton. Soft and durable, they come in a blue and white design. They have a dual function as a beach and pool towel.

Utopia Beach Towel

3. Elite Trend Microfiber Beach/Travel Towel at 78×35 (extra-large) It’s one of Amazons’ largest beach towel and is made from microfiber material. It’s soft, durable, quick-drying, and comes in bright colors.

Elite Trend Beach Towel