Striped towels blue

We’ve all had the experience of getting cozy with a nice warm beach towel, only to discover that some random person has borrowed your towel and left it behind. Or maybe it’s been ruined by the ocean, and you don’t want to replace it because it’s your favorite. But why do beach towels have to be striped? Is there really a reason behind it?

A quick Google search on the question, “Why are Beach Towels Striped?” will produce a wide assortment of answers:

  1. Because blue stripes are more reflective.
  2. Because the color blue makes towels feel larger.
  3. Because the stripes create more friction as you try to kick the towels away from you.
  4. In the late ’80s, polyester fabrics that had been dyed blue were the hot style, and all beach towels were striped.

Aside from that, this has been done. For example, you’re on the beach, or maybe in the park, and you’re faced with a choice: grab a striped towel or an all-blue one? What would you pick? Some people swear by the striped towels, claiming that they keep sand out of their stuff. Others think the striped towels get all sandy. However, both sides agree that all-blue towels are more likely to be as sand-free as possible, and in this case, it’s the side that wins.

Today in the market, there are lots of beach towels that are available for sale. You can pick the ones that will match your preference when it comes to texture, quality, color, and design. There are more options now. You can check out ring-spun cotton beach towels as they are a good option for you.

It’s always good to keep beach towels and choose the best beach towel bulk. You will surely save more and enjoy the use of beach towels on the cruise ship.